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Lee Senter, CFCRA president

I was performing a carpet inspection at an apartment building last month and met an old-timer in the flooring industry.

He watched everything I was doing and commented that he had taken an inspection class previously and politely inquired about some of the tools I was using. After some further inquiries, he asked if I knew of any experienced woven carpet installers. I told him that I did not, because even the best I had encountered were not seam sealing correctly (but then again I only see the problems, not the good stuff). He said the problem was epidemic and that he was actually scared to sell woven carpet.


The following week I performed a carpet inspection at the small office of an architect. They were extremely unhappy with carpet tiles installed two months ago. The first thing I saw was that all the office chairs with little castor wheels were sitting on the carpet, with no protective plastic pad. I was dumbfounded that a person who draws up and designs office spaces would not realize the realities of rolling chairs on carpet.

All this while I was recovering from dealing with feedback from a series of inspections I had performed at sites where the hardwood floors were failing.

One prominent flooring dealer had complained to the manufacturer that I could not possibly have known the relative humidity in the house he had installed in. The renovation was performed in late winter. The product had sat in the house to acclimate for a few weeks during winter. No one was living in the house and the humidifier on the furnace was set at 27 percent! The customers were positive they had not touched the dial since they took possession of the house. And they wondered why the floor was cupping (plus there were no transition strips at the doorways).

To top it all off, at another site I had a very wellknown and highly respected flooring dealer trying to sell an eight-inch wood plank product in a condominium apartment with a simple fan coil heating system, no humidification, in the summertime. Imagine what would happen to this product when our dry winters come.

It has never been more apparent to me that it’s not just the installers, but it’s the salespeople and the owners of the flooring dealers who need education on flooring.

Why do they not attend training classes? They all say the same thing, either, “I took a class before” or “I have no time.” Everyone seems to think they know everything about flooring. Well, I believe we are at the opposite end of things, I believe that few if any people understand the new products in the marketplace, such as WPC and SPC, let alone how to spec or install traditional floor coverings.

So, after a long period of time, the CFCRA has finally got our online registration system up and going, powered by Moneris. Yes, all our business is now being done online. I do want to apologize for how long it took to get this system operational and any inconvenience the delays may have caused.

On October 3, the CFCRA will host a free WHMIS 2015 training session for our members — yes, free! If you are a member, send as many people as you want. We want to present the Jim Darling Lifetime Achievement Award again on the same day, and are looking for nominations. Email me with your proposals, [email protected].

We will also be holding CFI certification classes for carpet installation, wood/laminate installation and resilient installation in both November and January. Go to our website for more information,

Last but not least, we will be holding classes from Mohawk for their Air-O soft surfaces and hardwood products, and from Shaw for their new Lifeguard Blue products and how these are to be installed.

I want to again thank all our members, volunteers and friends during this time of disorganization with our website etc. It’s all fixed now, and we are in a better position for it.

The Canadian Flooring Cleaning and Restoration Association (CFCRA) was preceded by the Flooring Institute of Ontario (FIO), a not-for-profit organization which proudly serves the needs of flooring industry professionals in Ontario since 1962.

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