Tile tester and a convention

There are new requirements, a new method and new threshold for Coefficient of Friction (COF) on tile. North America is switching from Static COF (SCOF) with ASTM C1028 method to Dynamic COF (DCOF) with the BOT-3000 and the new recognized and accepted standard: ANSI A137.1

Importantly, because of the withdrawal of CGSB M75.1-88, the testing for the COF under ASTM C1028 for slip resistance is no longer recognized, and is being replaced by the DDCOF test referenced in ANSI A137.1-2008 (Section 6.2) that uses a factory calibrated and validated, portable testing apparatus called the BOT-3000 Digital Tribometer, a self-propelled device that uses various sensor materials. The BOT-3000 is a portable machine which means it could be used in a laboratory or in the field for testing DCOF.

The BOT-3000 is becoming the standard for slip-resistance testing.

The BOT-3000 is becoming the standard for
slip-resistance testing.

Why the switch to the DCOF AcuTest (sometimes called kinetic coefficient of friction)? This is the ratio of force necessary to keep a surface already in motion sliding over another, divided by the weight (or normal force) of an object. This force is a materials property of two surfaces.

Dynamic testing is done in many other countries.  Generally more repeatable predictor of slip resistance, DCOF is a more suitable test of polished and highly-smooth surfaces. DCOF measures COF when the sensor is already in motion, which better simulates human ambulation at the time of a slip. TTMAC now offers this testing service in our Concord, Ont., office and laboratory.


The Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Association of Canada’s (TTMAC) 70th Annual Convention will be held in Halifax, N.S., on June 6 – 9, 2013. This is a unique opportunity to increase your knowledge of the hard surface industry and to associate with other TTMAC members from across Canada, as well as contractors, architects and designers from the local industry. This is also your opportunity to have your company’s voice heard at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and suppliers’ and contractors’ annual meetings.

On Thursday, June 6, the TTMAC  open house will run with 5 new and exciting seminars offered throughout the day, along with the Presidents Reception and Supplier Table Top Exhibits with a buffet lunch. Members are encouraged to promote these free seminars to non-TTMAC members.  Also scheduled for Thursday evening, delegates will have the option to participate in The Ultimate Lobster Dinner that is being held on the Halifax waterfront.

Friday, June 7, will be a busy day with the supplier and contractor breakfast meetings, followed with a great opportunity for networking and fun with the opportunity for delegates to socialize and develop friendships earlier in the convention. To this end, the Annual Bocce Tournament will be held on Friday and followed up with a pub night on the Friday evening.

Saturday, June 8, starts off with the AGM meeting during the day. Saturday evening will again feature the closing Gala and Hardsurface Awards dinner. This is the Oscars of our industry. This black-tie affair is complete with cocktails, formal dinner and wine, followed by the award presentations and an after-Gala event with entertainment planned.

Hardsurface Award submissions are for special projects in several categories and are a way for suppliers and contractors to showcase their products, skills and projects. At last year’s convention in Winnipeg we had received a record number of entries (34). We strongly recommend submitting your entries as soon as possible! The closing date for submissions is April 20, 2013, after which a panel of architects and designers from Halifax will select the category winners and the overall Project of the Year Award.

There is much to do, and while it starts with the committee, it is ultimately is everyone’s responsibility to promote the convention and its activities in order to grow the industry and, most importantly, convince architects, designers, specification writers and the public to use a TTMAC member when doing a project.


The Terrazzo, tile and Marble Association of Canada was founded in 1944 to promote standardized installation techniques and to provide technical resources.

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