Training partnerships

CFCRA to try and join forces with others At the time of writing this column the area I live in has been locked down and it’s Thanksgiving weekend. The kids are here from Hamilton and Edmonton. The streets are almost empty, the airplanes and airports are almost empty. Everything is very clean. Is there anything […]

Generation Z is Generation Zoom

New scene affects all aspects of business The world has not changed much since the last column. There is uncertainty everywhere. Businesses are closing and in many cases are closed forever. Many of the others are still technically open, but are hanging by a thread financially. At my company, we have hired back the few […]

The new age of training and development

I THINK WE HAVE ALL HEARD the statement “it’s a new world” enough that it’s tiring. By Lee Senter The subject of “the new world” certainly stimulates conversation and there are always lots of responses, but exactly what is new out there? What are we going to experience? How will things be different? The reality […]

Spring training

Looking forward to courses, conference, new standards The CFCRA is a shareholder of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning Restoration Certification (IICRC). This drives the purpose of holding the association together. We can be privy to the latest information being gathered in the industry and we are creating some leading-edge industry standards. This year, two new […]

The right fit

TAKE A SECOND-CHANCE LOOK AT SKILLED LABOUR; MOTIVATED WORKERS MAY BE WAITING NEXT DOOR   Finding and keeping skilled workers has been a chronic challenge in Canada’s floorcovering sector. Yet, pools of skilled workers exist in your local communities that don’t get hired. Is it because they’re bad workers? Are they too old? Are they incapable of the work? No. These skilled workers don’t get hired because […]

Training to standard

Enhance your workforce and enhance the bottom line “It’s better to train someone and have him leave than not train someone and have him stay,” or so says Fred Richardson, director of Cutting Edge Flooring in Spruce Grove, Alta. According to Richardson, many flooring installers may see training as a burden, one way or another, […]