The next rung

Business owners get starting at the bottom MY KIDS GOT ROYALLY SICK of my “when I was young” stories. To them, I never was, so why not just read a fairy tale by a professional, like Walt Disney. Of course, when I was young, Walt Disney owned a cartoon company that was mainly famous for […]

Do customers crave respect?

Mega-vendors treat you — and your customers — as expendable commodities MANY YEARS AGO, I worked with a publisher that always confused anecdote with antidote. “Let me give you an amusing antidote,” he would say. I never said it out loud, but I always agreed. Any anecdote that ends up being an antidote is amusing […]

RU MARKETING or missing the MARK?

Target critical 18-39ers with education — not price THE JURY IS IN. NOTHING MATTERS BUT PRICE. RIGHT? Not so fast …. If you talk to today’s emerging generational markets, you will find, just as with young people through the ages, that much matters more than money. It’s just that you can’t act on your dreams […]