Stoneology, Tileology and Terrazzology



Training and education, two fundamentals the Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Association of Canada’s (TTMAC’s) charter of 1944 embraced, are still cornerstones for the present and future. TTMAC has recently made significant efforts to improve training opportunities and to develop professional and accredited seminars.

These seminars are then certified by the respective provincial associations, for architects and designers, which serve as an opportunity to expand their knowledge of the hard-surface industry while achieving those much needed Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to maintain professional licenses, which are required to be updated every two years.

These seminars also require a significant amount of time to develop, approve, market and administer. Presently, the seminars are offered by TTMAC directly to architects, designers and our own members, and are conducted in our Burnaby, B.C., and Concord, Ont., classrooms, as well as at our yearly conventions.

TTMAC has also received frequent requests from our members to conduct Stoneology, Tileology and Terrazzology seminars for their staff, with an opportunity to invite architects and designers. Presently, we offer our members two options to host a Stoneology or Tileology seminar.

One option is a two-day program, and the other a four-day program, which are to be conducted at either the TTMAC offices, or at the member’s facility. One member has stepped forward and conducted a very successful four-day program with over 80 participants, including staff, architects and designers.

Architects and designers recognize the importance of these approved courses as they earn (architects 6.0 and designers 6.0 structured learning units) for each of these one-day seminars they attended — compliments of the host member.

For 2013, we have added a much-needed and requested six-hour Terrazzology seminar to our program, giving us a complete training package for terrazzo, tile and stone.

Both the Stoneology and Tileology seminars will be presented by Fred Jackson, a knowledgeable and well-respected speaker with over 35 years as a training and marketing consultant for natural stone, ceramic tile, green building-products manufacturers and quarries, and is also involved in many technical committees for improved standards in the hard-surface industry.

The Terrazzology seminar is presented by Tony Torriano, an industry expert, as well as a former president of TTMAC, former chairman for the Toronto chapter of Construction Specifications Canada, and former chairperson for the Terrazzo Installation Manual Technical Research Committee.

Each seminar requires one day. The option is available for a member company to determine which seminar(s) they prefer and the frequency of each. There is an opportunity to conduct one-, two-, or three-day seminars. A member company may, for example, choose to do a two-day course, with Stoneology on one day, and the second day with Tileology — or even a third day with Terrazzology. The flexibility is there for you.

The program also has the flexibility for the seminars to take place at the TTMAC offices or at the TTMAC member’s own facilities. The latter is generally preferred because it gives the architects and designers an opportunity to view your showroom and products.

If members choose to have the seminars take place at their own facility, then they will be responsible for audio-visual equipment-rentals, coffee breaks and lunch costs. The marketing of the program includes brochures, which are the responsibility of the host member.

We will post the event on our TTMAC website. TTMAC will provide specification guides, notably Dimension Stone for Stoneology, the newly released 09 30 00 tile specification guide for Tileology, and the 09 66 00 terrazzo specification guide.

Please contact TTMAC at 905-660-9640 for pricing on these seminars, or visit our website at and review the course content.


The Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Association of Canada was founded in 1944 to promote standardized installation techniques and to provide technical resources.

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