Roll-apply vinyl flooring adhesive

A solvent-free acrylic polymer-based adhesive designed for fast-track installations in both commercial and residential settings has been announced by Ardex Americas.

Roller-applied, the Henry 647 PlumPro adhesive achieves a dry-to-the-touch state (ready to receive flooring), in as soon as 10 minutes.

The product quickly begins developing permanent bonding strength, permitting traffic on the new floor immediately, the company says.

The adhesive can be installed with luxury vinyl tile and plank, vinyl composition tile, vinyl enhanced tile and fibreglass encapsulated (cushion-backed) sheet vinyl.

The product bonds to concrete, cementitious underlayments, APA-grade underlayment plywood (untreated), properly primed gypsum underlayment (above grade only), certain metals and epoxy coatings, existing terrazzo and ceramic tile (clean and residue-free), existing resilient flooring (fully adhered, non-cushion backed) and radiant-heated subfloors that do not to exceed 29°C.

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