Pre-cast customizable shower bases

Wetstyle has introduced its FEEL collection of pre-cast shower bases.

With its single slab construction and customizable availability, the collection is said to leverage refined moulding techniques that enable textures to be replicated on shower base surfaces.

The result is the clean, sleek, natural stone appearance, the company says.

Developed from an innovative, high-density stone and resin composite, the collection realistically replicates textures of concrete and slate.

Complementing the collection’s textured look and feel, single slab composition is said to significantly reduce laborious installation time and costs associated with traditional acrylic or tile-based shower floors.

Additionally, the shower bases are plumbing-code compliant and are fitted to North American market standards, with ample surrounding flat edges to allow for installation of standard shower enclosures.

The shower bases are available in neutral shades of white, grey, and black, with supplied drain covers matched in texture and colour that seamlessly blend for a unified look.

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