Paver support system for easier exterior installations

Troba-Level is a paver support system from Schluter designed specifically for use with thick porcelain tiles rated for exterior use.

The paver support system, or pedestals, supports the tiles above the substrate with no bonding system required.

This elevated system is said to have a number of advantages over traditional bonded tile methods including simple installation, natural drainage and ventilation.

The system is available with several accessories designed to manage sloped substrates and different thicknesses of tile so that a level terrace or patio can be installed over an uneven substrate.

Through the use of different supports, shims and spacers, the installer can create a level patio with precise transitions and flush seams and corners.

Because tiles are not bonded in place, the system allows for quick and easy access to waterproofing, drainage systems or utilities beneath the finished patio floor.

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