Online training with NWFA University

NWFA_UniversityThe St. Louis, Mo.-based National Wood Flooring Association has announced NWFA University, an online platform that gives individuals an opportunity to participate in wood flooring training when and where they want it.
The NWFA University is comprised of individual learning modules lasting 15 to 20 minutes, with an online testing component.

A series of modules will lead to badges that can be earned. A badge is a digital representation of a learned skill, and contains content that can be shared on social media platforms, the association says.

Badges will serve as prerequisites to hands-on training, which will allow for more time to develop hands-on skills during in-person training. A combination of badges and hands-on training will lead to certifications.

As students’ complete modules and earn badges, their company will be prioritized in the NWFA’s “Find a Professional” search tool on its consumer web site.

Those earning badges move up in the search with each badge they earn. Those earning certifications receive top listings, with multiple certifications at the top of the list.

Career paths for Installation certification and sales certification will be available at launch. Additional career paths will be added throughout the year.

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