Luxury vinyl sheet mimics decorative tile pattern

Revive Tapestry luxury vinyl sheet from Mannington is said to show how attention-getting a bold, graphic pattern can be when repeated across a large surface such as the floor.

The LVS offers a decorative pattern that combines colour with symmetry.

The continuous, all-over design features structural ornamental elements and floral accents that are also said to create a colourful backdrop suitable for a wide range of interior settings.

The scratch-resistant LVS has a repeat length of 36 in. and a repeat width of 36 in.

The wear layer is low gloss urethane and flooring thickness is 130 mil.

Installation type can be permanent bond, releasable bond or loose lay, while installation location can be on, above or below grade.


  1. I cant remember exactly but there are a lot of other benefits of using Luxury vinyl sheet in your kitchen. That’s why I asked my contractor to use these instead of the normal ones.

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