Glass tile features shapes and prismatic effects reminiscent of origami

Lunada Bay Tile has launched Origami Field, a collection of glass field tiles that reflects the Japanese art of geometric paper folding.

Featuring opalescent colouring and three-dimensional shapes, the glass tile designs play with light and shadow, the company says.

The collection comes in six shapes. Moxie resembles unfolded origami, creating a kaleidoscopic effect as you move past.

The narrow wave pattern of Verve, which appears to move as it reflects the light.

Meanwhile, the Trapeze pattern expands outward from the surface in a subtly slanted square form, whereas Lacuna was designed to bow inward like a folded leaf.

Rounding out the collection are two linear options — Elation, whose rectilinear form shifts in thickness along its length, creating a tapered wedge — and Ambit, a play on the hexagon that broadens in both thickness and width in the centre.

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