E-letter: Two keys

A recent issue of Ad Age gives instructions on “How brands should respond to protests and rising racial tensions.” It was written by a committee of two, neither of whom appear by their photos to have reached the age of 40. Their advice sounds like an indoctrination into a cult: confession, contrition, repentance, penance, absolution…. Stretching a metaphor? OK, then what happens if you don’t? Hellfire and brimstone, looting, arson and tear gas. For atonement, according to the article, the NFL “has raised more than $44 million in funding for non-profit organizations that focus on community and police relations and criminal justice reform.

Kerry Knudsen

Does anybody seriously think that $44 million is not protection money? 

 I see on Sunday our Prime Minister went public to kneel before the altar of racial injustice. I assume also to show solidarity with all those people he honoured with his blackface routine. Justin is nothing if not insincere. 

 Ontario Premier Doug Ford last week reassured Canadians that we have nothing to fear from the civil crisis in the States. He said Canada does not suffer from the same, systemic deep roots” of racism as does the U.S. 

I couldn’t believe my ears. Say what? I will grant that we Canadians start virtue-signaling like a televangelist at offertory every time we are accused of racism, but what Ford said is false on its face. I imagine he would have had more traction had he found a Native Canadian, African Canadian, Jamaican or Asian to say it for him. 

Anyway, Ford is to be forgiven. I imagine he actually believed what he said to be true and said what he believed to be true. But not everybody sees it that way. The Ku Klux Klan first entered Canada in 1915, if you believe Wikipedia. I don’t consider Wiki to be authoritative, but it’s a start. You can look it up, yourself. 

Canada, of course, fought on the side of the South during the American Civil War, and John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of President Abraham Lincoln, was captured with Canadian money on his person. This has many explanations contemplated around the world. You can look those up, as well. 

Against the current backdrop of 17 dead, in addition to George Floyd, hundreds of millions in destroyed businesses, looting and the surreal demand for an end to policing, we need to take a pause and think about what is causing this and what are the solutions. 

Here is a question you cannot answer. Is Derek Chauvin, the cop that killed George Lloyd, mostly a racist, or mostly a psychopath? 

 If it doesn’t bother you that you can’t answer that, it should, since if Chauvin is mostly a psychopath, then all the high dudgeon, all the burning and all the injuries and deaths are for nothing. Nothing. 


I knew a copthought and think was a psychopath. It was 1971 in Rockford, Illinois, and the world was divided along demographic lines. Blacks, natives, feminists, dopers, anti-war types and communists on one side; the “establishment” on the other. The cop’s name was Gary, and his last name rhymed with JerksonOur exchange ended me up in jail for three days with a list of charges. Stuff like vagrancy, indigence, loitering…. One charge was “obstructing an officer” because I got my mouth in the way of his fist when I was handcuffed.   

His big mistake was in charging me with “suspicion of being with the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) and the Weather Underground. This was a serious charge, since the Weather Underground had bombed a lab at the University of Wisconsin the August beforekilled a researcher and injured three others. This was lucky for me, since it brought in the FBI on Monday. We had a chat, and they said, “You’re one of Jerkson’s, aren’t you?” I said yes and the FBI took custody of me, got me out of there, let me go and asked me to try and forget it. No record. It’s as if nothing happened. 

But something happened, and I haven’t forgotten. I was really irked, and I don’t blame people for being irked when they run into a psychopath cop. On the other hand, what do we expect psychopaths to do, stay out of teaching, policing and the clergy? They won’t, and it’s our job to identify them and remove them without saying all teachers, all cops and all clergy are psychopaths. 

Because of that experience, I became, and remain, very interested in the SDS and the Weather Underground. For example, did you know the Weather Underground published a treatise on how to take down society? They did. It’s called the Prairiefire ManifestoIt used to be rare, but it’s now on-line and you can get your own copy in 10 minutes. 

One of the punchlines of the Prairiefire Manifesto is that is was written Prairiefire Manifesto, which was largely a bunch of lily-white eggheads identifying blacks as too stupid and too lazy to stand up for themselves, so they stepped in. You can get Prairiefire online. When you do, you see it is attributed to the Weather Underground, but direct authorship is claimed by Celia Sojourn (pseudonym) Jeff Jones pseudonym), Bernadine Dohrn and Billy Ayers. According to them, then: “PRAIRIE FIRE is written to communist-minded people, independent organizers and anti -imperialists; those who carry the traditions and lessons of the struggles of the last decade, those who join in the struggles of today. PRAIRIE FIRE is written to all sisters and brothers who are engaged in armed struggle against the enemy.” 

Psychopaths often adopt diminutive forms of their names to appear innocent in front of their victims. “Billy” Ayers is the same Bill Ayers that has engineered sweeping changes in our educational institutions and hosted the party where Barack Obama announced his bid for the presidency of the U.S. It is not me that labels Ayers a communist. It is Ayers. 

Ayers and the Weather Underground claim credit for a number of bombings in Prairiefire, and the FBI credits them with more. I recall it being said at the time that Billy and Bernadine would never get divorced because each knew where the bodies were buried and neither could afford to relinquish spousal privilege at law. You can’t testify against your spouse. True love. 


The reason I see this as relevant is that there appears no difference between Antifa now and the Weathermen then. Here a Billy, there a Billy, everywhere a Billy BillyBoth groups are/were made up of young, white, mostly males with lots of hormonesPrairiefire admonishes these prospective activists to cultivate relationships with poor and working-class females to get them into the movement. Pretty cynical, eh? Find poor and ignorant girls and use them. Antifa appears to put that strategy to effect. 

Why use uneducated, lower-class demographics? Because it works. Imagine hearing from birth that your birthright has been stolen. Your land has been stolen. You have no rights. People hate your skin, your sex or your culture. Then, when you run into a psychopath cop, teacher, priest or boss, you don’t have a psychopath, you have a cause celebre. A movement.  

The thing is, the handlers don’t care. If you read Prairiefire, you see that hurt people are necessary to advance the movement. But the movement only wants two things. It wants the keys to the treasury and it wants the keys to the arsenal. Once the leaders get those, they will, if they follow the lead of their predecessors, divide up what spoils are necessary to keep power at the top, and they will pacify their followers. In all communist movements of which I am aware, that means killing the noisy ones and enslaving the rest. Thugs don’t play well with others. 


So we get back to my question. Is/was Derek Chauvin a racist or a psychopath? Did he kill George Floyd because Floyd was black and he couldn’t stand it, or did he kill Floyd because he could or thought he could get away with it 

The riots we see in the States are not distant and impossible. We have our own Auntie-fuhs, Occupies, and other hate groups. If we think the burning can’t come here, we don’t know our own history. Justin’s dad learned that the hard way. Look up FLQ. Justin’s dad did not kneel. 

If Chauvin is a psychopath more than a racist, and if the Nouveau Underground was looking for a dead guy as a poster child and latched onto George Floyd, then we need to kneel less and stand up more. In the States, they have elected a black president, black judges, black senators, black congressmen and women, black sheriffs, black educators, black neurosurgeons…. It appears still to be a good place for people to achieve goals and dreams without the foot of some party geek on their necks. Canada may be even better. 

In any event, if you see the mob and the torches coming to your place of business, it will be too late. As you may have noticed, once the looting starts, nothing matters but what you have to lose and what it will cost to take it. I even saw white girls looting black businesses. To them, the owners did not earn what they had. They had stolen it through capitalist/imperialist greed.  

It may actually be, in this case, that colour has nothing to do with it. 


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