Ceramic tile collection in two new formats

Tau has announced the first Capsule Edition of its Fluid collection. The two new formats added to the four-series portfolio are in 90 x 90 and 25 x 150 cm sizes.

Brest is a strong wood of broad and deep vein in the new 25 x 125 format that is presented in four colours with one 90 x 90 décor piece.

Rennes is another wood in the new format, available in five colours and two 90 x 90 decor pieces.

Roadstone is a granitic stone to pave pathways in the 90 x 90 format, with five colours that complement the wood series.

Finally, the Nantes wall tile series, available in 40 x 120 and 30 x 90, mimics a matte white marble.

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