Waterborne wood floor sealers

Waterborne sealers from Bona are composed of two different sized particles — small particles that penetrate and seal the wood floor surface and larger particles sit on top to add build and depth. The chemistry of the sealers is said to provide the maximum adhesion to the company’s waterborne wood floor finishes for better overall […]

Stain proofing added to cleaner/sealer line

Braxton-Bragg has added the Stain Proof by Dry-Treat premium line of cleaners and sealers to its offerings. The line is comprised of 13 products, half of which are stone and masonry sealers and cleaners used for everything from the Sydney Opera House and the Dallas Cowboys stadium to a homeowner’s shower or backsplash, the company […]

VOC-free edge sealing compound

The Flex-Tred edge sealing compound from Wooster Products has no VOCs and is a one-part, high solids, elastomeric sealant. The solvent release product is ready to use without mixing, priming or heating. Applied by squeeze tube, the flexible compound seals the company’s Flex-Tred anti-slip tape to all types of metal including galvanized, wood, particleboard, plywood, […]

Clear UV waterbase topcoat and sealer protects wood surfaces

Canlak has introduced Series 226, a product that is a clear UV topcoat/sealer, suitable for woodwork such as doors, panels, flooring, stairs and furniture that require excellent resistance properties. It combines UV and water-based technologies, making it a very specialized product in the market, the company says. Thickness application ranges from 2.5 to 3 mils […]

Outdoor surface protection covers all climates

Surface care specialist Fila has launched a new water-repellent protector for outdoor surfaces. Hydrorep Eco is a solvent-free treatment for surfaces spanning from stone pavers to exposed brick walls. It protects against water, weathering and efflorescence, and also hampers the buildup of algae, moulds and lichen. The breathable treatment can be applied over residual moisture, […]

Treatment for polished marble and natural stone

Fila Chemicals has announced a new treatment for polished marble and natural stone called Fila Anti-Etch. The safe and odorless water-based treatment is said to provide resistance to stains and acid etching. The company adds that the product creates a polished barrier for countertop and work surfaces that will not yellow or discolor, that it […]

One-component moisture vapor retarder

Ardex VR 95 fast-track, one-component moisture vapor retarder from Ardex Americas is a ready-to-use, one-component, water-based, two-coat system formulated to suppress residual moisture in new concrete with RH readings up to 95 percent. It can be applied over concrete with no minimum surface profile and may be installed over the second coat in as little […]

Multiple substrate silicone sealant

Mapesil T from Mapei is a professional-grade, 100 percent-silicone sealant for use on multiple substrates. The product is formulated for heavy traffic and expansion/movement joints exceeding both ASTM and ANSI standards. Its  elongation and flexibility make it suitable for use in both change-of-plane and joint applications in tile or stonework, the company says. It has been […]