Broadcast materials enhance beauty of resinous floors

Mapei has introduced Mapeflakes and Mapefloor DQ to its line of industrial resin-flooring products. Mapeflakes are composed of water-based resin materials, inorganic minerals, additives and various pigments. Mapefloor DQ is composed of a medium-grade aggregate. Both products are designed to add colour and flair when broadcast into resinous flooring systems. The products are chemically compatible […]

Tactile warning products provide safety surfaces

Mar-Bal detectable warning systems (DWS) AlertCast is an ADA-compliant product engineered for visually impaired or handicapped pedestrians. The product offers rigid composite material solutions with ‘tactile cues’ for either cast-in-place or surface applied construction and safety applications. The DWS product is made of glass-reinforced thermoset, cast-in-place, rigid composite engineered for impact resistance, slip resistance, wear […]

Occupancy-ready pressed rubber floor tile saves installation time

Abpure rubber flooring tiles from American Biltrite with Nfuse technology are said to be ready to use right out of the box. Once installed, the floor does not require any costly and time-consuming set-up to be ready for occupancy, the company says. As with all flooring, regular cleaning is required, but no special maintenance procedures […]

Reclaimed materials in tile provide sound and shock absorption

Ecosmash has been added to the Ecosurfaces collection from Ecore, a company that transforms reclaimed materials into flooring. The 24 x 24 in. rubber tile has feet, is 2.5 in. thick, and is designed for indoor athletic and fitness applications that require durability and sound and shock absorption. The footed design of this product isolates […]

Rubber tile and plank flooring offers slip resistance

Minerality wood/stone rubber tile and plank flooring from Johnsonite is said to be inspired by the natural grain of wood and stone materials, bringing linear and striated visuals to rubber tiles and planks. The looks are suitable for healthcare, retail and corporate where the benefits of rubber flooring — slip resistance, shock-absorbing qualities and natural […]

Rubber tile for healthcare and educational spaces

Roppe has introduced health & learning rubber tile in a palette of calm, warm and inviting colours that also allows for pops of colour to add interest and character to many different types of healthcare and educational spaces. Available in .080 in., 24 x 24 in. or 1/8 in. 50 cm Hammered and 1/8 in. […]

Go to the arcade

Tarkett says its new Arcade tonal rubber sheet flooring is ideal for healthcare and education installations. It provides slip resistance as well as shock and sound absorption. There are 40 light, medium and dark tone-on-tone colours in the new line. Arcade can be installed with low-VOC, water-based adhesives. Tarkett says Arcade is durable, comfortable and […]

Made not to fade

American Biltrite says its new AB Pure is the first rubber flooring in the industry that won’t fade over time. AB Pure is made with a revolutionary patented colour formulation so colours won’t fade under light. According to the company, AB Pure is the only rubber flooring that can pass the ASTM F 1515 standard for colourfastness. The product comes with a 10-year warranty — […]

Really quiet under foot

Ecore Commercial Flooring’s new Forest rx features a two-millimetre wear layer fused to a five-millimetre, 97 percent-recycled rubber backing. It is designed for heavy-traffic institutional, commercial or residential projects where quiet is a concern. Reduces impact sound more than 20 decibels with no ceiling below. Also reduces fall impact by 16.9 percent. No need for separate underlayment. Seven wood visuals: Rich Cherry, Mahogany and Warm […]