Surfaces blend glass, quartz and porcelain

The Dekton Chromica series composite slabs from Cosentino is comprised of Baltic and Feroe, two deeply saturated hues in matte finishes. Aesthetically, the Baltic colour was inspired by sea depths to capture the struggle between light and darkness to master the nuances of the ocean, the company says. Feroe, it adds, is inspired by the […]

Quarzite slabs for walls and floors

Quartzite Celadon slabs from Antonlini combine hints and hues that range from white to light grey and go as far as anthracite and black. The material, suitable for floors and walls, enhances expressive contemporary design, the company says, giving a feeling of welcome and hospitality. Spaces and architectural structures are underlined by the elegance of […]

Ruby gemstone-look featured in quartz slabs

Ruby Carnelian, found within the Gemstone collection from Antolini, is a gemstone from the Chalcedony group of quartzes. It gets its name from the reddish ruby colour which also distinguishes it from the other gemstones in the group. As deep shades of red evoke an overwhelming sense of allure and charm, the company says, each […]

Quartz collection revives industrial look

Quartz manufacturer Caesarstone says it has revived the industrial look with its organic Metropolitan collection. The quartz collection offers surfaces with a rough, tough and unpolished feel that will add an industrial edge for kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces, it adds. Each surface in the collection has been designed to reflect the authentic patinas of […]