Pre-mixed, rapid-drying, multipurpose primer

Ardex P 4 primer from Ardex Americas is a pre-mixed, single-component, rapid-drying, multi-purpose product for interior and exterior use. The consistency of the primer has been formulated to virtually eliminate dripping and splashes, the company says. Recommended use is prior to the installation of the company’s tile and stone mortars, as well as self-leveling underlayments. […]

Water-based polyurethane topcoat covers various wood species

W120 from Canlak is a one-component clear water-based polyurethane topcoat that is said to provide excellent durability and chemical resistance. It is recommended for use over various wood species. Technical specifications include: viscosity (25ºC) — 74±2 sec (FC#4); solid percentage by weight of 31±2%; solid percentage by volume of 30±2 (at application); VOC 93 g/L; […]

Green floor primer for wood and resilient installations

DriTac Flooring Products has launched a “green,” single-component acrylic floor primer for interior use on various approved substrates, including concrete, wood, light-weight concrete and gypcrete. Primer 3000’s concentrated quick dry, bond-strengthening technology enhances the bond with approved substrates, self-leveling underlayment, gypsum-based underlayment and patches, prior to adhesive application for wood, resilient and carpet tile flooring […]

Primer coating prepares substrates for underlayments

Pro Prime LP Improved is a highly-concentrated acrylic primer from Proma that is blue in color and transparent when dry. The primer is used for priming some substrates including well-prepared plywood, concrete surfaces, light-weight and gypsum-based surfaces, ceramic and quarry tile, cutback and adhesive residue and well-bonded VCT prior to the application of the company’s […]

Environmentally responsible packaging for substrate primer

Ufloor Systems has announced a new 1-gallon size of Uzin PE 260 substrate primer in environmentally responsible ‘Cube it Simple’ packaging. This package design features a recyclable inner plastic bladder designed to reduce plastic waste up to 75 percent compared with conventional plastic jugs. The company says that the outer kraft carton can be easily […]