Smooth self-leveling underlayment

TEC Specialty has introduced Level Set 500 HF self-leveling underlayment (SLU) that is said to achieve a smooth surface without time-consuming sanding or skim coating, cutting labour costs by up to two-thirds. In addition, the company says, testing shows flooring adhesive coverage can increase by up to 20 percent. The product pours like water and […]

Self-leveling compound suitable for apartment interiors

Designed for fast track installations on most substrates in interior areas such as apartment buildings, Schönox AP Rapid from HP Subfloors can be installed in small, well defined areas without limitation. Product characteristics include: low emission based on Hybrid Active Dry Technology; low dust; self-leveling suitable on underfloor heating systems; low shrinkage; pumpable; suitable for […]

Self-levelling compound suitable for different substrates

Synthetic gypsum fibre-reinforced, self-levelling compound APF from Schonox is for use from 3 to 15 mm depths. It is suitable for wood floor boards, chip board (V100), mastic asphalt screeds and other critical substrates in combination with elastic and textile coverings for interior areas. Embedded fibres provide reinforcement, making it unnecessary to lay a reinforcing […]