Radiant under floor heating

The Strata_Heat radiant floor heating system introduced by Laticrete consists of a floor heating wire, an uncoupling mat, a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat and what is said to be the world’s first heat conductive thin-set additive. The system provides comfort and warmth in spaces where more uniform and efficient heat source is valued, the company says. […]

Adjustable in-floor heat system

The floor warming TEC brand In-Floor Heat system offered by H.B. Fuller Construction Products is customizable on-site to fit any space, with no downtime for special ordering, the company says. In addition, the system features no embedded heating wires that need to be patterned, and is said to be thinner than other alternatives on the […]

Versatile tile underlayment uncoupling membranes

Prova-Flex Heat from Loxcreen Flooring Group is a membrane that provides versatility in the tile underlayment along with heating cable capabilities. The membrane can accommodate multiple sizes of heating cables up to 5 mm thick and the deep locking channel design allows for the thicker cables to lay flush in the membrane while minimizing the […]

Keeping perfectly warm

MP Global Products is making installation of in-floor heating easier. Its new Perfectly Warm peel-and-stick radiant heat for tile floors system can be installed in a day, the company says. The system is designed for tile, stone or marble flooring. Mats come ready with lead wires at one end for an electrician to connect Perfectly […]