Epoxy grout employs 100 percent solids

CEG-IG is an industrial grade, water cleanable, 100 percent solids epoxy grout from Custom Building Products said to have high chemical, temperature and stain resistance. It is formulated for harsh environments such as commercial kitchens and food processing facilities. The grout is a two component epoxy system that combines a pigmented hardener with epoxy resins […]

Versatile grout for narrow and wide joints

Pro Grout Max from Proma is a grout formulated with an aggregate for grouting both narrow and wide joints (1/16 to 1 in.). The VOC-free product is suitable for grouting most types of ceramic and porcelain tiles, quarry tiles, pavers, natural and engineered dimension stones, granite, slate, glass tile and mosaics. The efflorescence-free grout is […]

Versatile sanded grout

Polyblend Plus Sanded Grout from Custom Building Products has all of the features of its original Polyblend, plus some enhancements to improve performance, finished colour, and colour consistency. It is now an ANSI A118.7 polymer-modified, cement-based sanded grout that produces hard, dense joints that resist shrinking, cracking, and wear. The product is suitable for vitreous, […]

Tile grout provides acid resistance

Two-component acid-resistant epoxy grout from Likotol is suitable for the laying and grouting of ceramic tiles and mosaics with 1 to 15 mm wide joints, on indoor and outdoor floors and walls. The product has ultra-low VOC emission characteristics. Composition includes a thick paste Part A and liquid Part B. Floor installation with standard setting […]

Cement grout provides colour consistency

Prism Ultimate Performance cement grout from Custom Building Products is said to offer an exclusive, calcium-aluminate formula that controls hydration to ensure colour consistency without shading or mottling, regardless of weather conditions. In addition, the product does not contribute to unsightly efflorescence, the company says, which means callbacks to address installation problems can be avoided. […]

Pre-mixed grout reflects tile colours

Pro Grout One Luminance from Proma is a professional-grade, ready-to-use premixed grout with Smart Color Technology, which produces a translucent chameleon effect that blends with the colour of tile. The grout can also be used to install mosaic tile sheets up to 12 x 12 in. on floors and walls. Said to be extremely easy […]

Grout provides effect of iridescence

Flexcolor 3D from Mapei is a professional-grade, ready-to-use (RTU) translucent specialty grout with an “iridescent effect” finish. It is offered in 10 colours with translucent characteristics that not only reflect but also refract light. This characteristic is said to allow the grout to transition in colour to complement the tile colour. The grout can be used in commercial and residential installations of […]

Crack prevention mortar for interiors and exteriors

MegaLite Ultimate mortar from Custom Building Products protects against cracks up to 1/8 in. Formulated with CustomLite technology, the product is said to be 40 percent lighter than other mortars, providing excellent handling characteristics, and offers non-sag/non-slip installation on walls. The mortar can be used as a thin or medium bed up to ¾ in. […]

Fast-setting, non-shrinking grout for wide variety of joints

Ultracolor Plus FA with DropEffect technology from Mapei is a fast-setting, non-shrinking grout with fine aggregate for grouting tile and stone joint widths from 1/16 to ¾ in. (1.5 to 19 mm). The fine aggregate formulation makes the product an all-in-one grout replacement for sanded and un-sanded grouts. The technology is said to reduce surface […]

Industrial grade epoxy grout for harsh environments

Custom Building Products has introduced Industrial Grade 100% Solids Epoxy Grout, formulated to stand up to harsh environments such as commercial kitchens and food processing facilities. The grout exceeds performance characteristics of ANSI A118.3, is resistant to thermal shock, offers a stain resistance and contains recycled LEED contributing materials. It is also said to offer […]