Tile cutters offer direct view of scoring wheel and cutting line

Lackmond Products has introduced B+BTec tile cutters, manual models engineered with a hardened lightweight aluminum base plate that offers the operator a direct view of the scoring wheel and cutting line. Cutters are manufactured in Europe and made with high quality raw materials utilizing the most advanced manufacturing technology, the company says. Units are available […]

Dry-cut tile saw introduced

IQ Power Tools has introduced what is said to be the first dry-cut tile saw designed to cut ceramic, porcelain, marble and stone. The model iQTS244 is a 10 in. dry-cut tile saw designed for professional tile setters and contractors. The portable tool permits tile to be cut inside or outside with no water and […]

Diamonds are a blade’s best friend

Diamond Tec International’s new Radio Active Bridge Saw Blade was one of the hot new installation tools showcased at the Coverings show in April. The blade is designed to cut engineered stone, granite and quartzite quickly and precisely with every pass. Features new 25-millimetre diamond patterned cutting segments. Each segment has a specific array of diamonds. Four blade sizes: 12, 14, 16 and 18 inches. […]

A beast of a saw

When you are cutting tile or stone and need to make consistent accurate cuts, Lackmond’s new Beast WTS2000L 10-inch Wet Tile/Stone Saw may be the solution. The Beast uses five stainless-steel roller bearings and multi-point adjustable rails to provide smooth operation and accurate cuts every time, the company says. The cutting head rotates to both […]

Rip it on site

Installers may find DeWalt’s new DWE7499GD job-site table saw ideal for cutting hardwood or laminate planks on site. The saw has a main safety feature — it will not turn on automatically if the guard isn’t in proper position. You can manually override this feature and turn the saw on. However, an LED flashes a […]

Fast cordless cutting

Milwaukee says its new M18 Fuel 7-1/4 inch circular saw cuts faster than its corded counterparts while being 40 per cent lighter. It has a 2-1/2 inch cut capacity, and the same right-hand blade design as corded circular saws. The new cordless saw has an integrated LED light, a dust blower and a hook for […]

Smooth and dry

Pearl’s P4 Turbo-Mesh Porcelain Blade is designed to cut through porcelain and other tiles. The thin rim and core, in conjunction with the Turbo-Mesh diamond pattern, allow this blade to cut smooth and virtually chip free. This product is also engineered to significantly reduce heat while cutting, therefore extending blade life. The Turbo-Mesh is manufactured […]