E-letter: Don’t just stand there …

We got some sobering news last week. We typically get 40 or 50 “returns” by Canada Post for any issue of Coverings, representing, for the most part, businesses that have closed or moved. Last week, the week that would have shown returns on our May/June, or mid-Covid, issue, we got over 700. We are looking […]

The next rung

Business owners get starting at the bottom MY KIDS GOT ROYALLY SICK of my “when I was young” stories. To them, I never was, so why not just read a fairy tale by a professional, like Walt Disney. Of course, when I was young, Walt Disney owned a cartoon company that was mainly famous for […]

E-letter: Sixteen tons

Back before the 19th Century, people used to become indebted and lose their freedom. One freedom loss was debtor’s prison. Another was indentured servitude. As with all things human, these situations took on every colour and shade in their applications. Families might “sell” a child into slavery to satisfy a debt. An African king might indenture […]

E-letter: Opportunity in change

One basic rule of economics that every business owner should know is that when there is a recession, most businesses that fail don’t fail during the fall. They fail during the recovery. There are many reasons for this, but basically people have maxed out their lines of credit, cut all the costs they could and […]

Better than hoped

IN THIS ISSUE’S CFCRA COLUMN by Lee Senter, you will see jobs that once were left unfilled for lack of any candidates now have more applicants than can be easily reviewed. For the meanwhile, that means downward pressure on wages and a good pool of applicants. These people may not be interested in staying around […]

E-letter: Two keys

A recent issue of Ad Age gives instructions on “How brands should respond to protests and rising racial tensions.” It was written by a committee of two, neither of whom appear by their photos to have reached the age of 40. Their advice sounds like an indoctrination into a cult: confession, contrition, repentance, penance, absolution…. Stretching a metaphor? OK, then what happens if you don’t? Hellfire and […]

E-letter: Coming out of hiding

There was an encouraging bit of news out of China last week. Disneyland Shanghai announced its reopening, and was rewarded with its opening-day ticket sales selling out in hours. Granted, the ticket sales were limited to 30 percent of normal, but if the markets were looking for fear or caution, they did not find it.  There is also good news […]

Pandemic has paralyzed business

…SO LET’S TALK ABOUT DOPE I AM AWASH IN COVID, SO LET’S TAKE A BREAK. Let’s talk about dope. I was talking to a landscaper the other day. He said he never thought he’d see the day that it’s legal to smoke grass and illegal to cut it. But there it is: Covid. Folks are […]

E-letter: Time to survive

As usual, the media are walking in a row like ducks, delivering the same message. It’s a good message: wash hands, social distance, stay home. I guess it’s good to hear it 60 or 80 times. However, most of you own small businesses, and it’s not enough that your employees get a cheque and the government will […]

E-letter: Interesting times

The ancient Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times,” is not an ancient Chinese curse, after all. But don’t you think it should be? I mean, after the past two weeks you can say these times are nothing if not interesting. And they weren’t all that helpful. Let’s take a look at the coronavirus. […]