Carpet cutting machine offers accuracy and efficiency

Designed to accommodate the largest rolls of carpet and heaviest rolls of vinyl, the X-77 carpet cutting machine from Accu-Cut has a “clam shell” load cradle said to process cut orders accurately and efficiently.

The load cradle can be adjusted in three ways: shuttle forward or backward for positioning, pivot for squaring the material and use the “clam shell” design to adjust for roll diameter.

The air-powered load cradle, hold down arm, cutter hold down bar, roll-up arm and material removal mechanisms are also said to make the machine effortless to operate.

Electronic eyes and pneumatically controlled shuttle load cradle adjust the roll to automatically eliminate any walking or coning.

Program in the desired measurement and press the “Go” button, the company says.

The 17 ft, 1 in. long x 19 ft, 9 in. wide x 3 ft, 10 in. high unit will advance the material, lower the hold down arm, reset the counter, begin the roll-up process, monitor and adjust the roll as necessary, then stop precisely at the programmed length.

The machine meets all UL and CSA safety standards.

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