Adhesive pouch adds convenience without installation mess

Titebond has introduced an adhesive pouch, said to be a light, easy-to-open package that changes the way installers deal with flooring adhesive.

First, it is easy to carry pouches to the installation site, the company says.

The pouch contains 0.75 of a gallon and is available in convenient two- and four-pouch boxes.

Then, instead of pushing the pail across the floor as the installation progresses, it adds, installers simply set individual pouches in place in advance, snip the tail, squeeze the pouch, spread adhesive onto the subfloor, trowel the adhesive, lay the floor and move on to the next pouch.

In addition, the pouch size reduces adhesive waste and the cost associated with it.

Unused product doesn’t skin like in the pail, and most, if not all, product in the pouch gets used.

The pouch packaging is weather-resistant and recyclable.

The pouch speeds up installations, makes less mess and ensures fresh product for easy handling, the company says. 


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