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Job site tool storage system

The Systainer Installer‘s Set from Festool is a portable tool system suitable for job sites. The SYS-StorageBox SYS-SB is said to offer an easy to grab and go with a large bale-style handle and full Systainer system integration. The SYS-Toolbox SYS-TB-2 provides the accessible design of the SYS-Toolbox to allow installers to keep what they […]

Rigid core flooring offered as a wood alternative

Robbins Pro-Tekt, a line of rigid core products, has been launched by AHF Products. The introduction addresses customer demand for a wood floor alternative, the company says. The line provides waterproof protection, impact and stain resistance, dimensional stability for high traffic areas and combats fading from sunlight. The core construction is said to eliminate air […]

E-letter: Our good neighbours

A favourite Canadian axiom is, “When America sneezes, Canada gets the flu.” In this case, not only has America sneezed, it has caught Covid, AIDS, leprosy and genital warts while rioting stoned. This can’t be good. There are a couple of huge points to ponder, relative to how business in the States may relate to […]

Epoxy grout employs 100 percent solids

CEG-IG is an industrial grade, water cleanable, 100 percent solids epoxy grout from Custom Building Products said to have high chemical, temperature and stain resistance. It is formulated for harsh environments such as commercial kitchens and food processing facilities. The grout is a two component epoxy system that combines a pigmented hardener with epoxy resins […]

When more is not better: adhesive crosslinking

FOCUS ON TECHNOLOGY WHAT HIGH SCHOOL ESSAY would be complete without first citing a definition of the topic at hand? “Fishing: to understand the art of fishing, we first need to define, ‘what is a fish?’” However, high school or no, sometimes a definition is warranted — particularly when the topic is not obviously clear. […]

The new influencer

Do markets respond to the next bright, shiny object? ON OCTOBER 8, AdAge put out a “custom white paper” entitled, Podcasters are the new influencers. Pretty special, eh? “The new influencers.” It seems as though the old new influencers barely got here. Who were they, again? Not to disparage the unveilers. Who would know that […]