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Thermostat provides energy-efficient programming

Warmup has announced an addition to its programmable thermostat line. The Tempo thermostat provides energy-efficient programming features for customers looking for an easy way to control the underfloor heating in their homes. The thermostats turn dial operation is comparable to the original iPod design. By following the suggested programming and Early-Start features, users can limit energy consumption while maintaining a comfortable […]

Grout provides effect of iridescence

Flexcolor 3D from Mapei is a professional-grade, ready-to-use (RTU) translucent specialty grout with an “iridescent effect” finish. It is offered in 10 colours with translucent characteristics that not only reflect but also refract light. This characteristic is said to allow the grout to transition in colour to complement the tile colour. The grout can be used in commercial and residential installations of […]

E-letter: Splitting in two

There are some interesting observations to be made around the Yellow Sea, all of a sudden. Taking North Korea first, it appears as if Kim Jong Un may actually agree to defuse tensions. Irrespective, I have never understood what he is. Possibly, in addition to using his friends and family for mortar practice and dog […]

Wood laminate flooring is waterproof, resists staining

RevWood Plus from Mohawk combines the look of hardwood and properties of laminate. The planks are said to offer reliable durability that resists stain, scratches and dents and is 100 percent waterproof. Spills, accidents and tracked-in stain-makers are kept on the surface for quick, easy cleanup thanks to Uniclic MultiFit technology, the glueless locking system, the company says. The planks also feature the company’s All Pet Protection & Warranty covering all pets and accidents.  […]

Science and academia take on business

WE GOT AN INTERESTING LETTER from a reader regarding the current controversy around climate change, so we think this time we will reprint our response so people will know some of the debate surrounding the matter from a business perspective. We have omitted his last name and location since he did, originally, only revealing it […]

Pneumatic fastening tools for flooring installations

The 550A line pneumatic fastening tools from Primatech feature the Primpact module, said to be a breakthrough for the industry. The reinforced high-strength aluminum head casing of the tool offers reliability, extended performance and smooth operation, the company says. Close-tolerance parts assembly and a new cylinder design (for reduced wear and quick interchangeability between same […]

Costs ramp up overnight

Independent businesses face tough hiring decisions NEW EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS legislation in Ontario is making it harder for businesses to meet labour costs. Sources say when Bill 148, the “Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act” came into effect on January 1, it effectively added close to 30 percent to the cost of carrying an employee in the province. According to Julie Kwiecinski, […]

Kids, balls, salt, noise

Urban school expansion addresses every challenge THE GREENWOOD COLLEGE SCHOOL in Toronto recently expanded with a 74,000-square-foot addition located in mid-town. The dense, four-story structure designed by Montgomery Sisam Architects adjoins the existing independent school at every level above grade, increasing the school’s square footage by 120 percent. According to principal architect Terry Montgomery, “An urban site causes pros and cons. […]

CFCRA is now CFI Canada, too

The CFCRA has signed a contract with the International Certified Flooring Installers Association (CFI) to hold their classes in Canada. This is part of the international expansion of the CFI where they have not only expanded into Canada, but into China as well. This launch of the CFI in Canada fills a large void in […]

Canadian copies

Less flattery, more innovation needed I hate being embarrassed. Most of us do. Our dislike of that self-conscious sting is part of what keeps us behaving in a socially acceptable way, and that’s a good thing. But we tend to remember when we get caught out. Years ago, I was touring a group of students […]