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Floating uncoupling membrane in convenient sheets

Ardex UI 720 Flexbone floating uncoupling membrane from Ardex Americas is now available in convenient sheets. The unbonded, floating uncoupling membrane for what is said to be true 100 percent uncoupling, the sheets are designed for installer convenience on smaller jobs. Each sheet is 1 x 2 m. The product is also said to save […]

Notch trowels for a variety of tile sizes

Notch trowels from Custom Building Products are available in three sizes to cover different tile sizes. The hand tools have a patented notch pattern for better contact, save time by potentially eliminating the need to back butter tile, are made of steel, and have a SoftGrip handle to reduce fatigue. The small size trowel is […]

Hardwood floors feature chased effects to add character

Chased effects have been added to three of the new hardwood floor products from PG Hardwood Flooring. Chased effects consist of a series of lines randomly placed on the boards to create character, texture and highlight contrast spots. If well-balanced, chased marks are a versatile and elegant addition, the company says. The Barista style is […]

E-letter: Resolution 2018 is in our hands

RESOLVED: That the future of the floor-covering industry in North America is entirely in the hands of the secondary floor-covering industry in North America.   Well, there it is, 2018, stretching out in front of us like some kind of latter-day Dominion Lands Act for us to claim, develop, sell off, build, plant or do […]

Kick back with us

DEALS HAPPEN IN VEGAS and not just at the black jack tables. If you are attending The International Surfaces Event this month, your objective will be to play your cards right and come back to Canada with a winning hand. That’s why we go every year. As we pointed out 12 months ago, one of the first things […]

Ten-inch heavy duty worm drive table saw

Skilsaw has introduced a 10-inch heavy duty table saw with worm drive power train for maximum torque, and a patented Dual-Field motor that runs cool, the company says. The table saw features a 3-5/8-in. depth of cut that is said to rip through sheet goods and cross cuts 4x with ease and accuracy, as well […]

Multiculti material mix

Design flash adds warmth to dining experience OPERATING IN 35 COUNTRIES, Nando’s is an international restaurant chain that originated in South Africa, known for its Portuguese-style flame grilled chicken and welcoming hospitality. Drawing cues from Mozambican/Portuguese culture, the Oshawa, Ont., location combines earthy textures, rich warm colours and whimsical design elements with a hand-crafted appeal. According to Keith Rushbrook, partner […]

Mindful museums

Where manual and fine art meet By Paul Epp I go to a lot of museums. I see it as professional development. I’m kind of in that business myself. I design things and I try to do a good job. Museums collect and display things that are done well and this sometimes includes my work, which is, of course, […]

Train for certification

CFCRA brings CFI classes to Canada By Lee Senter The CFCRA is now authorized and accredited by the International Certified Flooring Installers Association (CFI) to offer their flooring certification classes in Canada. The CFI is an organization of flooring professionals whose purpose is to identify, train and certify flooring installers according to skill and knowledge, and to provide the Industry with […]

Big changes coming

Bill 148: Labour law in Ontario By David Alli At this point, many of us have heard about the increases to the minimum wage that will be taking effect across the province of Ontario. This change is part of the “Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act,” also known as Bill 148, which is intended to update workplace laws across Ontario. […]