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New designs for cast concrete tile collection

The hand-crafted cast concrete line from Aguayo is available in over 50 different colors in matte and satin finishes. Inspired by geometry in nature, the Elevations collection of cast concrete tiles include design cues from the dunes of the Saharan desert, while others might feel more at home amid a flower garden or among the […]

Vinyl composition tile commercial flooring is FloorScore certified

The Azrock Collection commercial flooring VCT (vinyl composite tile) line from Johnsonite has a designer-oriented array of contemporary colors, patterns and styles, the company says. The collection is FloorScore certified and can help earn LEED points. The product contains 10 percent post-consumer recycled content and 10 percent pre-consumer recycled content. Added safety and slip-resistant capabilities […]

Outdoor surface protection covers all climates

Surface care specialist Fila has launched a new water-repellent protector for outdoor surfaces. Hydrorep Eco is a solvent-free treatment for surfaces spanning from stone pavers to exposed brick walls. It protects against water, weathering and efflorescence, and also hampers the buildup of algae, moulds and lichen. The breathable treatment can be applied over residual moisture, […]

Ceramic tile takes its cue from artist-inspired hues

Like miniature works of art, ceramic tiles in the Watercolors collection from Lunada Bay are said to express a handcrafted, artisanal aesthetic that shines in contemporary, country and coastal environments. From rich to delicate, earthy to aquatic, the shaded hues pay homage to the palettes of five famous painters, the company says. The multi-tint Green […]

E-letter: Disasters fake and real

The National Post, Financial Post, last Friday on page FP4 buried a headline at the bottom of the page: “Housing bubble not as vulnerable as thought.” In addition to being cold-oatmeal writing, as a bubble is already a vulnerability in a market, the headline is just plain cowardly. It is the National Post over the […]

Luxury vinyl tile installs quickly with no special tools

The SmartDrop Collection from Fuzion Flooring is loose lay luxury vinyl tile flooring that is said to install quickly over most subfloors, with no special tools, for an instant ready-to-live-on floor. Available in both 7 x 48 in. planks and 12 x 24 in. tiles, installation options include loose lay, glued down, perimeter glue or […]

Competence comes with certification

Over the past year, the number-one problem I hear about time and again in our industry is about the shortage of competent flooring installers. It does not matter if we are talking about carpet, hardwood, laminate or vinyl planks. The second most common worry in our industry is that our installers are getting older and […]

Let’s drive business

THE NEWS AT PRESSTIME is largely about negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement, and I see Canada has listed Gender Equality as our third objective. This is asinine. Do we really think we can convince Mexico to forget about trade and focus instead on social agendas? My sources say not. That is to […]

More about installing by-the-book: Standards Q & A

My last column about the importance of industry standards raised a number of questions, and I hope it answered some questions as well. I just started my 40th year in floor covering, and the industry has done a good job establishing a large number of written guidelines that cover the variety of flooring materials and […]

3 Legal Updates: Business income tax, asset sales and auditing policy

ELIMINATING SOME INCOME TAX ADVANTAGES On July 18, 2017, the Federal Department of Finance announced proposed changes to the Income Tax Act (the ITA) in Canada that are intended to “level the playing field” by removing certain tax advantages that for decades have been part of tax planning for many family-owned businesses operating through private […]