Archives for September 2016

Stain-treated carpet is 100 percent nylon

Shaw Floors has introduced stain-treated carpet that is 100 percent nylon. The Caress collection features a loop style and a Softbac Platinum backing. Roll widths are 12 ft and have a face weight of 39 oz/yd². Caress by Shaw fibres are said to have the latest in advanced extrusion technology that make the carpets’ softness […]

Powers of attorney: Property and person

Although most individuals understand the importance of having a will, the importance of having a Power of Attorney for Property and a Power of Attorney for Personal Care is often overlooked. A Power of Attorney is a legal document that gives another individual the right to act on one’s behalf during the grantor’s lifetime. There […]

Versatile tile underlayment uncoupling membranes

Prova-Flex Heat from Loxcreen Flooring Group is a membrane that provides versatility in the tile underlayment along with heating cable capabilities. The membrane can accommodate multiple sizes of heating cables up to 5 mm thick and the deep locking channel design allows for the thicker cables to lay flush in the membrane while minimizing the […]

Large format tile uncoupling membrane system

Flexbone UI 720 from Ardex is an uncoupling membrane suitable for large format tile in high traffic areas. The unique bone shape pattern with GripLock Technology is said to deliver outstanding tensile bond strength. The floating uncoupling membrane is a loose-laid floating system that is said to provide 100 per cent uncoupling. The membrane is […]

Cotto tiles feature a soft matte finish

The Basole collection from Interceramic is said to feature the character of handcrafted cotto tiles combined with the modern elegance of stained concrete. A warm, earthy color palette brings out the natural attributes of the collection, complimented with highlights of rust and mineral wear, the company says. A soft matte finish combined with a slightly […]

Mosaic tiles evoke ancient traditions

Appiani has introduced Memorie, tiles said to blend architecture, design and art through the ancient tradition of mosaic. Twelve colorways, each featuring an intricate arrangement of 0.5 x 0.5 in. units in 3 colours, are mixed and matched to create twelve 12 x 12 in. geometric compositions. The decorative designs are said to create distinguished […]

E-letter: Running amok

American football player Colin Kaepernick’s antics, refusing to stand during the national anthem, have the media all-abuzz. Self-styled experts on the U.S. Bill of Rights are doing cameos on all the news, sports and entertainment channels. I assume this confuses most of us, so let’s take a look at what it means, and why it’s important for Canadian […]

Watercolor glass combines with silver and gold leaf

Lunada Bay Tile interprets the metallic trend in interior design with the introduction of Tozen Glow, a glass tile collection that is said to break formal design rules by blending textures and metals for dramatic effect. Described as dreamy, reflective and translucent, the collection amplifies the beauty of watercolor glass by applying silver or gold […]

Chief sustainability officer appointed at Metroflor/Halstead

Russ Rogg, president and c.e.o. of Metroflor Corp., along with Harlan Stone, Halstead and Group c.e.o., have announced the appointment of Rochelle Routman as the first chief sustainability officer for Metroflor and Halstead International, both of Norwalk, Conn. Routman will oversee product development, customer service and regulatory aspects in a collaborative fashion to define the […]

Porcelain stoneware slabs

Earth by Pininfarina is the first tile system designed by Pininfarina in partnership with Casalgrande Padana. The collection is said to have a distinctive character born out of the combination of Casalgrande Padana’s know-how and Pininfarina design. The originality of this project is said to lie in the great versatility of the system, which combines […]