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Expanded OHS obligations

By Cheryl A. Edwards and Jeremy Warning An incident in which a male spectator at a Toronto soccer match uttered a vulgar phrase into the microphone of a female television reporter has, again, generated intense public discussion regarding the issue of sexual harassment. This incident has added to the recent list of allegations of sexual […]

Adhesive under resilient: A fine line

We recently had a comment from Joe, a reader in Calgary, that found my column (“Initial maintenance — what flooring contractors need to know, May 2015”) offensive because I was “telling people in the industry what the hell they should already know.” He asked for “wisdom” and said, “Tell us something we don’t know.” Well, […]

No camo

Canadians make fun of Americans for wearing camo in social settings. We probably shouldn’t do that, but it’s hard when you see, oh, kids in church, for instance, or people at auctions. To us, when you go to an auction you try to be visible so your bids don’t get missed. Camo, of course, is […]

E-letter: Bogus results, real consequences

About two weeks ago, a very disturbing (to me) report moved on the New York Times. According to the story, a study by a bunch of psychologists showed that the results of the psychological studies they reviewed showed 60 percent of those studies could not be replicated. As you likely know, the scientific method demands that […]

Controlling liabilities = profit

By Vincent Lamont Most entrepreneurs underestand that controlling all the elements of risk associated with a business has a net effect of better controlling the outcome and profit associated with the operation. In my experience as a flooring contractor, knowledge is undoubtedly the driving force in obtaining this goal. I confess that I have probably […]

Coming alive

Mirage has added Sepia Red Oak hardwood to its Alive collection. Comes in both 100-percent and engineered hardwood — real hardwood over a plywood base. Cashmere finish. Sepia Red Oak natural hardwood comes in two widths — 3 1/4 inches and 4 1/4 inches. Engineered hardwood planks are five and six inches wide.  

Accented sheets

Tarkett has added several looks to its environmentally friendly Acczent sheet vinyl, creating the new Acczent Heterogeneous Sheet Collection. It’s composed of 25 wood looks, six concrete finishes, and four Zen as well as four Tisse visuals from Tarkett’s Space Modular Tile collection. The new Acczent Collection also features a matte finish, so floors can […]

Go for mix and match

Armstrong has added five new looks to its Alterna engineered stone flooring collection. The designs are meant to be mixed and matched for creating different colour combinations and patterns. The five tile designs are Essence (Whispered and Regency); Enchanted Forest; Rossini Marble; Urban Gallery; and Artisan Forge. Armstrong says these floors are ideal for kitchens, […]

Quiet under foot

MP Global Products has introduced Insulayment. It’s made specifically for installation under glue- or nail-down hardwood and engineered wood floors. The rollout fibre underlayment dampens impact noise and lowers the level of sounds that travel through the floor to the ceiling below. Constructed with randomly air-laid filaments that cushion the floor and absorb impact sound. […]

Get the cure rapidly

Bostik rolled out its Dimension RapidCure glass-filled, pre-mixed urethane grout at Coverings 2015. The water-based grout contains a translucent binder that not only reflects light, but also allows it to pass through. This feature creates a variety of aesthetic effects. Dimension RapidCure can add an elegant sparkle or blend naturally with natural tile and stone. […]