Archives for February 2015

New bamboo

From overseas, has launched a couple of new collections. One of them, the company says, is an improved, solid bamboo parquet. The other collection is click strand-woven bamboo. With its smooth surface, the company says click strand bamboo is easy for your customers to maintain.

Flowing in the joints

For commercial and industrial projects, Flowcrete Americas has introduced Flowflex UVR. It is a UV-resistant, heavy duty polyurea joint sealant for filling and protecting control joints and saw-cut installation joints. The company says using Flowflex UVR results in a longer-lasting floor, and reduces areas where bacteria can grow. The product can be shaved within minutes, […]

Lay more loose-lay

Karndean Designflooring’s popular loose-lay line of linoleum vinyl tile (LVT) and linoleum vinyl planks (LVP) has expanded. The company recently added six wood designs. Hues include pale and warm oak tones; rustics and deep greys. The large LVPs are 9.85 by 41.3 inches. LVTs are 24 by 19.7 inches. They are 100 per cent recyclable. […]

Share your perspective in NWFA Vision 2020 survey

If you’re a member of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), the association wants your feedback to help it develop the NWFA’s vision for the next five years, to 2020. All individual responses to the Vision 2020 survey will be kept confidential. A summary of results will be presented to three NWFA boards of directors: […]

Rip it on site

Installers may find DeWalt’s new DWE7499GD job-site table saw ideal for cutting hardwood or laminate planks on site. The saw has a main safety feature — it will not turn on automatically if the guard isn’t in proper position. You can manually override this feature and turn the saw on. However, an LED flashes a […]

Keeping perfectly warm

MP Global Products is making installation of in-floor heating easier. Its new Perfectly Warm peel-and-stick radiant heat for tile floors system can be installed in a day, the company says. The system is designed for tile, stone or marble flooring. Mats come ready with lead wires at one end for an electrician to connect Perfectly […]

In the deep blue

Shivhon Rugs has the blues this winter — five new ones, to be exact. They range from calm, cool hues to deep indigo. Patterns in this in-the-deep collection are Atlas, Hidden treasure, London, Suelo and Vendola. Three sizes of these hand-made rugs are available: six by eight feet; eight by 10 feet; and 10 by […]

Shades of grey

With the upcoming release of the film 50 Shades of Grey, Farrow and Ball has revealed its new family of easy greys, and grey favourites. They all can  round out room design, the company says. Topping the list is Farrow and Ball’s new Purbeck stone. It represents the neutral colour of stones found in the […]

Take it easy; own an editor

We continue to receive marketing letters telling us to visit the senders’ websites and find new product releases to place for them. Some of them have no relevance to our business, whatever. While I appreciate the value people see in electronic communication and data storage, including no postage and no separation of prints and text, […]

Porcelain with a wood look

Centura Tile has introduced Jacaranda porcelain tile to its product offerings. Tiles are eight inches wide and come in two lengths — 48 and 71 inches. The Jacaranda line comes from Brazil. The tiles create a vintage, rustic aged wood look. They come in random shade variations of weathered wood. Centura says the porcelain wood-look […]