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Reactive adhesives

Heavy-duty applications demand special care  By Christopher Capobianco Even with the advances in adhesives, there are still applications that call for two-part epoxy or polyurethane. Known as reactive adhesives because the two parts cure by chemical reaction when mixed, they’re different from standard adhesives that dry when water or solvent evaporates. I won’t get too […]

The right fit

TAKE A SECOND-CHANCE LOOK AT SKILLED LABOUR; MOTIVATED WORKERS MAY BE WAITING NEXT DOOR   Finding and keeping skilled workers has been a chronic challenge in Canada’s floorcovering sector. Yet, pools of skilled workers exist in your local communities that don’t get hired. Is it because they’re bad workers? Are they too old? Are they incapable of the work? No. These skilled workers don’t get hired because […]

What is your ID?

Industrial design eludes definition   Industrial design (ID) has always struck me as an unfortunate term. Not that the activity is unfortunate, but its descriptor confuses as much as it describes. What is it? Is it designing factories? Design is comparatively easy to understand. As a verb, it is an activity of making decisions, in […]

Slavery to paper

As you see in this issue, the problem of getting skilled employees is fascinating, and it has more facets than diamonds. Who defines “skill,” what is the pay rate, how can you retain employees, who provides training, are sex- and minority-hiring issues in play ….? I ran out of money for school in my early […]

The meaning of meaning

According to Statistics Canada, municipalities issued building permits worth $6.9 billion in May, up 13.8 percent from April. This followed a 2.2 percent rise in March. The May increase resulted primarily from higher construction intentions for commercial buildings in Ontario and Manitoba, as well as multi-family dwellings in British Columbia. The latest news from […]

Developing a new inspection standard

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) has announced the formation of a consensus body to develop a new BSR-IICRC S220 Standard on Hard Surface Floor Covering Inspection. Applications are now being accepted for volunteers to serve on this body. “As new materials and processes are introduced into our industry, we remain committed to ensuring […]