Archives for June 2014

A digital reclamation

Crossville has introduced Reclamation, the company’s first digitally-produced porcelain-tile collection. Inspired by the renewal of urban settings and reclaimed materials, this expansive line features a blend of meticulously designed facings and colours in order to achieve a range of textured and detailed looks. Reclamation is the essence of industrial chic — modern style — with […]

Focus on foreign workers

Finding skilled labour has been an ongoing focus of our magazine. Frankly, it’s hard to find people that want to work in our industry. That’s why the Temporary Foreign Worker Program exists in the first place, and we’ve covered it on our pages for some time. However, the program has come under attack because it’s […]

Lighten the load

In response to green-building construction trends, the expanding demand for products containing recycled content and large-format tile designs, Mapei has introduced to the market its Ultralite Mortar Pro, a professional grade, lightweight, single-component mortar that can be used for medium-bed and non-sag applications, as well as for thin-set applications. This product’s thixotropic properties make it […]

A resilient tree species

Cali Bamboo has expanded its hand scraped Fossilized flooring line with the addition of the Fossilized Eucalyptus line of hardwood floors, to be marketed under the company’s GreenClaimed brand. Though eucalyptus has the appearance of an exotic or reclaimed wood, it also has all the benefits of a rapidly renewable material, since it can be […]

Fishing for yarn

The Net Effect collection from Interface is inspired by the ocean, as well as the company’s new program, Net-Works, which engages fisherman in the Danajon bank area of the Philippines to collect discarded nets from the ocean to be recycled and made into new carpet fibre by yarn supplier Aquafil. The program is providing villagers […]

Some things matter

Three RCMP officers lost their lives last week to another pointless coward. As I write this on the morning after his capture, I am confident the event will dissolve quickly into a smattering of sides and political posturing, compounding the felony. Those of us that make a living on and around retail sales know the […]

Lollipops and cupcakes

Hable Construction is Capel Rugs’ new line of exclusive rugs for children and adults created in collaboration with Susan Hable Smith and Katharine Hable Sweeney of Hable Construction. Featuring whimsical, fun and light-hearted graphic patterns in a modern colour palette, the line includes six 100-percent wool loop hooks made in China. All six designs, including […]

New or retro

To offer designers more choices when it comes to coordination and creativity, Tarkett has introduced its I.D. Freedom Luxury Planks and Tiles. With dynamic design, durability and low environmental impact, I.D. Freedom is ideal for new and retrofit commercial areas, including hospitality, retail, corporate, education and healthcare. According to the company, this product is the […]