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Taking shortcuts

The workings of the design mind When we set out for a destination, and we know our terrain well enough, we may be lucky enough to be able to avail ourselves of a shortcut. There is something very charming and satisfying about this prospect: it’s a bit like a secret and we may even want […]


The enduring value of terrazzo By Glen Pestrin The only way to describe terrazzo is “limitless.” The palette of colours and applications for this product is limitless. A trip to TTMAC head office to review the new terrazzo samples will prove this. From bright lime green to subtle beige with mother of pearl chips, the […]

Concrete moisture meters

They have their place, but … I am amazed how often I have been asked about using a concrete moisture meter to decide if it is okay to install a floor. I’d love to say you can, because it’s so fast and easy, but not a single floorcovering or adhesive manufacturer accepts such a reading […]

Is jail more likely?

Recent Canadian cases indicate new direction  By Jeremy Warning Custodial sentences are common for those convicted of criminal offences. However, they have been far less commonly imposed on those convicted of regulatory offences such as under health and safety legislation. Indeed, the approach in regulatory matters has been that jail sentences were to be a […]

See you at Coverings

The Coverings tile and stone trade show (not to be confused, of course, with Canada’s best flooring magazine) is set to take place next week on Tuesday, March 29, in Las Vegas, and consists of four days of exhibits, conferences, special features, keynote addresses and more. What makes the show so distinct is its grandeur. […]

A niche product

Noble Company has expanded its Noble Niche collection to include two sizes of Tall Niches. The 31-inch and 48-inch Tall Niches are a response to the growing need for more storage space for bulky health and beauty products in showers. The Tall Niches feature a simple and open design, which allows tile contractors to install […]

Who’s the boss?

From time to time we get a comment from a reader, reminding us we are a national magazine and we need content from all of Canada. Believe me, we know this, and we make every effort to focus outside Ontario. Unfortunately, Ontario is the seat of the federal government and the focus of the most […]

A new trio

Mullican has entered the hardwood supplies market with the introduction of three new adhesives, one of which, the MP 3001 (pictured), also doubles as what the company describes as a revolutionary subfloor protection system that carries a lifetime moisture warranty. The MP 3001 and the QP 2001 are moisture-cure urethane adhesives, and the QP 1001 […]

Tropical homes

IndusParquet says it brings the tropics to homes with the new Brazilian Teak profile. This engineered hardwood floor is designed to give consumers a golden opportunity to incorporate the popular wood into their homes at great value. The smooth profile of this product, which also features rich hues of warm honey and golden caramel, is […]

Tile with an edge

The Vecchio Cemento collection from Country Floors is porcelain stoneware with a minimal edge. These tiles are available in three subtle and organic shades. This collection is suitable for various applications, including residential, commercial, interior, exterior, vertical and horizontal.  The Brune Cafe Glazed version of this tile weighs 9.24 pounds, is 3⁄8-inches thick, and measures […]