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It’s the sugar beets

Alongside internationally-recognized brands such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and Mercedes-Benz, Debolon Flooring from Mats Inc. has been ranked in the Green Design 100, which recognizes worldwide product designs. In what the company calls a revolutionary technological development, Debolon research and design engineers replaced phthalate plasticizers with domestic sugar beets (citric acid esters) as a natural, sustainable […]

Diversity runs in the family

Well, my journalist colleagues are at it again. Last week on their “chat” site, the discussion turned to “diversity” in the newsroom. One newsroom bragged about having Native Canadians in the newsroom. Then one upped the challenge with FEMALE Native Canadians. As with fishing stories, the first presenter doesn’t have a chance. Not wanting to […]

International marketing: Race to finish

Nobody is supposed to talk about race anymore. They think race is another word for hatred. This is a sign of slow — possibly flatline — thinking. Thinking on the level of a tape recorder. In case you hadn’t noticed it, there are differences. Winston Churchill referred both to Germans and to Brits as races. […]

Hats off

Designers choose the message I’m wearing a hat as I write this. You would call it a cowboy hat. The man that sold it to me called it a sombrero. That is likely because he is Mexican and I was in Mexico when I bought it. Why would a grown urban man, such as myself, […]

One big warehouse, one big safety challenge

“Canada is becoming the biggest warehouse in the world,” says Chuck Leon, consultant for Ontario-based Workplace Safety and Prevention Services. “Every plant and retail outlet has a bit of a warehouse out in the back.” This includes flooring retail outlets across Canada. Yet the topic of health and safety has not often been discussed for […]

Living with linoleum

It’s not difficult, it’s just different Linoleum is a very old material that has made a comeback over the past 20 years or so. I mean the real natural linoleum, not any other kind of sheet resilient. Sometimes the terms get mixed up. As sheet vinyl started to gain in popularity compared to natural linoleum […]

Reprisal firings

When employees are dismissed after filing complaints By Jeremy Warning and Cheryl A. Edwards On November 22, 2013, the Ontario Labour Relations Board (“the Board”) released its decision in the Ljuboja v. The Aim Group Inc. and General Motors of Canada Limited, (“AIM”). The Board has potentially signalled a new way to approach the concept […]

‘Green’ and sturdy

The lasting value of ceramic products By Ryan Fasan Products labelled green are too often only trendy and fashionable, but truly sustainable construction with truly green products can bring financial benefits and ultimately result in better buildings. For any cladding to be considered sustainable it must be durable enough to survive in-situ for the life […]

Interior Designer Central

Showcasing the country’s best talent IDC is all about creating value in membership, and we understand that a primary concern for our members is how to grow their businesses. Interior design is a word of mouth industry; firms are recommended based on referrals from previous clients and based on their portfolio of previous work. As […]

Then-and-now: Getting organized

When people want a renovation, they often turn to such professionals as interior designers, decorators, architects — you name it. But an organizer? Yet, that’s exactly who got the job when a client wanted a kitchen overhauled in an older, residential neighbourhood just off the Halifax Peninsula. Jane Veldhoven is the certified professional organizer that […]