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Forensic unemployment

Leading along the path to ownership Is our skills shortage really that difficult to figure out? It looks to me like simple math. Take the sum of all our unemployed video game developer graduates, our forensic ambulance chaser graduates, our forestry minimum wage trail bark spreader graduates and our advanced special effects graduates, subtract the […]

Coverings readers’ survey

Canadian industry snapshot This is our annual readers’ survey. This year we confirmed the training and keeping of qualified installers is a major concern, and a topic we will continue to cover in the magazine.Cleaning supplies and wall tiles topped the list of alternative product offerings in flooring stores. Interestingly, almost 75 percent of respondents […]

We’ve come a long way

Industrial design I’ve been reviewing the history of industrial design at my university for a report that I have to write. That’s what academics do. And, as it turns out, as usual, once I get my nose into something, it’s more interesting than I anticipated it would be. Industrial design has changed, over the years, […]

Rewarding innovation

Design awards recognize manufacturers and suppliers IIDEX Canada is attended by over 15,000 trade attendees from the interior design, architecture and facilities sectors. It is the ideal opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers to showcase their new and innovative products to the industry and gain direct access to professional specifiers for the built environment. The IIDEX […]

Opportunities await

Learning, hosting, sponsoring — or just signing up Welcome to the fall selling season. As we say farewell to our summer, we end another great year of the Floorcovering Institute of Ontario (FIO) Golf Tour. Special thanks to all our sponsors and participants for making it a success. We look forward to seeing you all […]

Membership has its privileges

Ensuring the quality of hired workers Successful contractors know their own strengths and know when to bring in another pro to help get the best results. But finding the right people who meet your high standards for quality and professionalism can be a challenge. One source that is too frequently overlooked is an industry association, […]

Corporate death sentences

The criminalization of workplace accidents By Jeremy Warning On Sept. 4, 2013, the Court of Appeal for Ontario released its decision in the sentence appeal in R. v. Metron Construction Corporation. Government prosecutors had appealed against the $200,000 fine imposed on Metron for a charge of criminal negligence causing death. The Court rejected the lower […]

Custom resilient installations

Proper quoting, planning and installation yield beauty and profits By Christopher Capobianco Like a challenging jigsaw puzzle, custom work in resilient flooring can be a huge challenge, especially those that have borders, medallions, or other custom inlay work. However, with careful planning, these jobs can be beautiful and profitable. First, be sure there is an […]

Do the right thing

Avoid conflict through competence, passion and customer service Something can always go wrong on a flooring project. Sometimes even catastrophes happen. Mistakes can lead to ruined floors, angry clients and messy disputes. Having a plan in place to deal with potential disasters is crucial. Such plans can involve legal protections such as insurance. Yet, more […]

Then-and-now: Adjusting to the times

Chipping away at concrete, logistical ‘nightmares’ and more “It involved all kinds of crap,” says Norman Stein, who was the project manager for mall-owner Cadillac Fairview at the recently renovated Galeries D’Anjou in Montreal’s east end. Stein is referring to the challenges involved in installing new tile over old tile in such a large facility. […]