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‘Seams’ like trouble

Teamwork and knowledge can ensure customer satisfaction By Christopher Capobianco Seams in floor coverings — whether carpet or resilient — cause more concern for customers and more potential complaints for installers than any other aspect of a floor covering installation. I can’t count how many questions I’ve had to field about seams – all the […]

The basics: Marketing for Canadian flooring businesses

There is an old adage in business: What good is your product or service if nobody knows about it? It partly explains why marketing exists in the first place — to help businesses get access to their target market. In fewer industries is this challenge more apparent than in Canadian flooring, where retailers, dealers and […]

Tile tester and a convention

There are new requirements, a new method and new threshold for Coefficient of Friction (COF) on tile. North America is switching from Static COF (SCOF) with ASTM C1028 method to Dynamic COF (DCOF) with the BOT-3000 and the new recognized and accepted standard: ANSI A137.1 Importantly, because of the withdrawal of CGSB M75.1-88, the testing […]

Compensation benefits

Risks of dismissing a worker By Daniel Mayer Dismissing a worker who is receiving loss of earnings (“LOE”) benefits from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (“WSIB”) is fraught with risk. An employer might have just cause to terminate the worker’s employment, and might believe that LOE benefits will cease after termination, but there is […]

Gone fishin’

Last week’s job numbers in the U.S. were abysmal again, and once again we heard how the “real” bad news was in how many people had quit looking. I have never figured that out. How is it you can be unemployed and decide to quit looking? Maybe I have it backward, but I never quit […]