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Judgment call

Here is a fun history question. When, since the dawn of time, has the social/economic structure of a country stop everything, look around and say, “Hey! Let’s ask the children.”? Never. Or, at least, never until 1970, when Canada, in its wisdom, lowered the voting age to 18. Also, lest we take too much credit, […]

Wood-floor specialty

According to Basic Coatings, its Dirt Dragon is the first cleaning machine specifically designed and engineered to clean wood floors. The product features a custom brush and high-powered vacuum, which serve to scrub and extract soils from wood-floor surfaces while leaving the floor dry. The Dirt Dragon also features adjustable head pressure and variable water […]

Quick-draw temperature readings

Wagner Meters says its latest addition to the Rapid RH line-up, the Infrared Thermometer, provides one more vital piece of information for flooring installers working over concrete slabs. This thermometer is lightweight and pistol style, which allow for the quick and easy temperature readings for concrete slabs. It can be custom set to take readings […]

The Chillida factor

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, Nanimarquina has introduced the Chillida collection of rugs, featuring a chronological selection of work from renowned artist and sculptor, Eduardo Chillida. Designer Nani Marquina worked directly with the Chillida family to bring Chillida’s artwork to life in a new form. All of the works in this collection have been […]

Impact and airborne

Researchers at Mapei have developed Mapesonic 2: a new, patent-pending, sound-reduction membrane for use in both residential (homes, apartments and condominiums) and light-commercial (office buildings) environments. Mapesonic 2 provides reduced transmission of both impact sound (footsteps, dropped objects, etc.) and airborne sound (voice, T.V., etc.) through floors. This product is claimed to be a next-generation […]

Ask and receive

Armstrong has expanded what it calls its most popular vinyl sheet collections — Memories, Station Square, and Initiator (pictured) — to offer builders enhanced visuals and designs with greater depth, variation and definition. These visuals include varied-width woods in high-end species such as hickory and walnut, as well as classic stone looks such as travertine […]

A floor in distress

Unexpected colours in the look of natural wood plank underscore Natura HDP, the latest in the series of high definition porcelain tiles from Florida Tile. Natura HDP is suitable for most residential and commercial flooring applications, as well as for walls and countertops. The seven colours and slightly distressed look of this product give it […]

Material-handling jigsaw

The 20 V Max Lithium Ion Jigsaw from DeWalt is designed to offer improved runtime, ergonomics and comfort for contractors tasked with cutting and installing a variety of materials, including flooring installers, remodelers, finish carpenters, furniture makers and kitchen fitters. The saw’s keyless blade change offers enhanced productivity. This product is also equipped with variable […]

Filtering, streaming, radiating …

With its organic interpretation of geometrics and shadows that illustrate the adaptive nature of light, Play of Light from Mohawk provides designers with three modular patterns — Filtering Through, Streaming In, and Radiating Out — that seamlessly bring diverse spaces together. The collection is manufactured with the Mohawk Group’s bio-based fibre SmartStrand Contract with Dupont […]

Safety in flooring installations

Take the right time, right jobs, right precautions The topic of safety may seem straightforward in many industries, but not so in flooring. Roof workers and window cleaners need to worry about working in elevated workspaces. Machinery operators need to know the dangers of working their machines in narrow spaces. But in flooring, there is […]