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Provider of the world’s most integrated high-performance flooring system.

Daltile Canada

Established in 1947, Daltile is the largest ceramic tile manufacturer in the U.S. and one of the largest tile manufacturers in the world. Daltile incorporates the manufacture of glazed and unglazed tile, glazed and unglazed ceramic mosaics, glazed porcelain tile, unglazed quarry tile and a variety of stone products. All of Daltile products are supported […]

Believe in the silver lining. I dare you.

I didn’t shoot a guy once. I was doing a stint as a start-up editor for an outdoor magazine in Michigan, when my phone rang one morning. The guy on the other end said he had invented some kind of new, bullet-proof cloth. The magazine had become very popular, he said, and he wanted the […]