E-letter: Coming out of hiding

There was an encouraging bit of news out of China last week. Disneyland Shanghai announced its reopening, and was rewarded with its opening-day ticket sales selling out in hours. Granted, the ticket sales were limited to 30 percent of normal, but if the markets were looking for fear or caution, they did not find it.  There is also good news out of the U.S. this week, with Quicken Mortgage saying they have seen no softening in real estate prices so far.   One thing that’s concerning is … [Read More...]

Pre-cast customizable shower bases

Wetstyle has introduced its FEEL collection of pre-cast shower bases. With its single slab construction and customizable availability, the collection is said to leverage refined moulding techniques that enable textures to be replicated on shower base surfaces. The result is the clean, sleek, natural stone appearance, the company says. Developed from an innovative, high-density stone and resin composite, the collection realistically replicates textures of concrete and … [Read More...]


The forgotten marketing metric: RESULTS

It was one of the few warm, early spring days in April. I was coasting back into the neighbourhood after a ride on the local bike trail, while such things were still open during the pandemic. Three of the little, neighbourhood girls were playing outside in the sun. The oldest saw me, stood up and yelled, “Hi, Kerry.” I was going too fast to address each by name, so I called back, “Good morning, … Read More...

Business planning — BLINDFOLDED

Who can see the post-pandemic future? Coverings’ CFCRA columnist Lee Senter in this issue notes the fact that it’s odd trying to write a column six or eight weeks out from the time it hits the street. I’d like to say you get accustomed to it, but after writing for magazines for over 40 years, you don’t. As of presstime, as the saying goes, the world remains on lock-down, although there are … Read More...


Pre-cast customizable shower bases

Wetstyle has introduced its FEEL collection of pre-cast shower bases. With its single slab … Read More

Resilient floor planks offer scratch resistance

Stone resilient floor planks from COREtec Floors provide an embossed thermo-resin layer said to … Read More

Hardwood flooring has dent-resistant core

AHF Products has announced that its engineered hardwood now has the new Densitek core, said to be a … Read More

Software provides ‘view in room’ for home decorators

Karndean Designflooring has introduced a ‘view in room’ digital tool with the functionality to view … Read More


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Necessity: Mother of invention

Temp, fast-track installations in the pandemic era First, to my readers, I hope that you, your colleagues and all of your families are keeping well in these uncertain times. As I am writing this, I have started my second month staying and working at home. I could fill these pages with what it has been like to live and work in these circumstances, but I am well and so is my family. I wish the same … Read More...

Clarifying vinyl options

WPC? SPC? LVT? SVT? VET? VCT? I spoke at a presentation for a large flooring contractor recently about a variety of flooring in the resilient category, especially vinyl and rubber. After the meeting, one of the industry veterans in the group pulled me aside. “Christopher, we have a lot of new people here, and they may be shy about asking a lot of questions. I think a lot of the lingo … Read More...

Revisiting a popular format: Installation Q&A

It has been over a year since I did a Q and A column, and the questions keep coming. So, here are some recent ones that I’ve been asked, or are based on situations that I have run into. Q: What problems do you see most often in “click” floating floors? A: This category continues to grow as more products with synthetic cores (WPC, HPC, rigid core, etc.) are entering the market and traditional … Read More...

Installation communication

Setting realistic expectations can help installation teams For all of my 41 years in this industry, there has been deep concern for the shortage of qualified installers, and the situation is more serious now than ever. Retailers are frustrated by slipshod installation jobs, or we have customers feeling the floor covering they purchased is not what was promised. One of the problems is false … Read More...