Ready-to-use grout has iridescent appearance

Mapei has introduced a grout collection created to give designers the opportunity to add multi-faceted effects to their tile options for clients.

Flexcolor 3D is a professional-grade, ready-to-use (RTU) translucent specialty grout with an “iridescent effect” finish.

Its translucent characteristics not only reflect but also refract light, allowing the grout to transition in colour to complement the tile colour, the company says.

The product’s nearly translucent neutral base, Crystal Moon, takes on the colour of whatever tiles surround the grout joint, even varying with changes in tile colour, it says.

The other nine colour effects in the grout collection possess an iridescent quality that shines through gold, silver and copper metallic hues as well as green and blue glass shades and a neutral tint.

The grout can be used in commercial and residential interior installations of porcelain, ceramic, glass and natural-stone tiles.

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