Outdoor surface protection covers all climates

Surface care specialist Fila has launched a new water-repellent protector for outdoor surfaces.

Hydrorep Eco is a solvent-free treatment for surfaces spanning from stone pavers to exposed brick walls.

It protects against water, weathering and efflorescence, and also hampers the buildup of algae, moulds and lichen.

The breathable treatment can be applied over residual moisture, for what is said to be a fast application in all seasons, and does not alter appearance.

The ready-to-use one coat treatment is applied by brush or airless pump.

The water-based formulation dries after four hours, resists UV radiation and does not alter frost-resistant properties. It can be applied to unpolished stone and agglomerates, quarry tiles, terracotta, concrete, exposed bricks and plaster.

The anti-fouling barrier it creates is certified by tests conducted in conformity to the UNI EN ISO 846: 1999 method. The treatment also preserves breathability above 90 percent.

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