Fibre-reinforced, polymer-modified flexible floor tile adhesive

Ardex X78 from Ardex is a fibre reinforced, polymer modified floor tile adhesive, which has been formulated with Microtec Technology. When mixed with water, a smooth, creamy, pourable mortar is produced which easily enables full coverage to be achieved on the back of floor tiles, the company says. It also has double extended open time […]

Flooring adhesives support vinyl and carpet installations

The W.W. Henry Company has announced four new adhesives and substrate preparation products. The 647 PlumPro fast-track, roll-apply vinyl adhesive is moisture resistant up to 95% RH and pressure-sensitive in just minutes. It can open to traffic immediately and has an 8-hour working time. Approved for use on all substrates, it can be used with […]

Tongue and groove flooring adhesive works with floating wood floors

DriTac 8100 tongue and groove flooring adhesive from DriTac is wood glue that is formulated for all types of laminate and floating wood floors. The adhesive can also be used over radiant heat systems. Providing a bond at the tongue and groove, the adhesive is white in colour, which makes it is easy to see […]

Epoxy setting floor and wall mortar

Kerapoxy 410 from Mapei bonds to urethane/epoxy mesh backings, exterior walls and other applications. Solvent-free, 100 percent-solids, the epoxy setting floor and wall mortar is suited for areas where the most chemical-resistant setting material is necessary. The product has high compressive strength, which is said to provide excellent impact strength in commercial facilities. It is […]

Waterproofing and crack isolation membrane

Ardex Americas has introduced the Ardex S 1-K one-component waterproofing and crack isolation membrane. The compound is said to be easy to use and produces a flexible waterproof coating suitable for use in showers, bathrooms and other wet areas. Recommended for use over a wide range of substrates and finishes, the highly workable consistency is said to minimize drips and splatters. Installers can flood test in […]

Adhesive pouch adds convenience without installation mess

Titebond has introduced an adhesive pouch, said to be a light, easy-to-open package that changes the way installers deal with flooring adhesive. First, it is easy to carry pouches to the installation site, the company says. The pouch contains 0.75 of a gallon and is available in convenient two- and four-pouch boxes. Then, instead of pushing the pail across the floor as the installation progresses, it adds, installers simply set […]

Pre-applied adhesive for LVT

Mannington Commercial has launched flooring with QuickStix backing to expedite the LVT installation process. The moisture resistance properties of the product, even with extreme subfloor moisture up to 99% RH and 18 lb MVER, means the backing not only sticks but can instantly stand up to walking and even heavy rolling loads, the company says. […]

Spray adhesives reduce installation labour

Mapei has announced Ultrabond water-based acrylic adhesives for carpet tile and resilient flooring that are spray-applied, which allows installers to do their work standing up instead of kneeling to complete the job faster than when using trowel-applied adhesives. Ultrabond Spray 360 is designed for the installation of solid vinyl tile, luxury vinyl tile, vinyl composition […]

Multiple substrate silicone sealant

Mapesil T from Mapei is a professional-grade, 100 percent-silicone sealant for use on multiple substrates. The product is formulated for heavy traffic and expansion/movement joints exceeding both ASTM and ANSI standards. Its  elongation and flexibility make it suitable for use in both change-of-plane and joint applications in tile or stonework, the company says. It has been […]

Time for bonding

Multi-Surface Bonding Primer is a new ready-to-use, single component primer from Custom Building Products. It’s a water-based primer made to deliver superior adhesion on a variety of subfloors to which proper bonding can be difficult. Multi-Surface is formulated with aggregates and polymers designed for bonding to both porous and non-porous substrates. It’s easy to use […]