The groundwork is done; now get the order

THERE COMES THE TIME to turn the potential customer into a paying client. To get her to place the flooring order, it helps to have a consistent strategy in place that can satisfy everyone. “When I do get to the point of asking them to close, they know that they are going to be taken […]

Training and education sets your business apart

Flooring businesses have to be able to differentiate themselves from their competition in order to succeed. But what makes one enterprise smarter than the next, and more knowledgeable than your average big box store? Staff training — in-house education, vendor seminars and apprenticeships — is what makes the difference. Training contributes to satisfying the demands […]

Art of the Upsell

Chevy to Caddy: How to educate and listen to your customer EVERY BUSINESS WORTH ITS SALT knows that the customer is always right. First, you listen to what she has to say but then you must also educate her, and open up the possibilities of raising her budget — shifting what is really “right” for […]

Then-And-Now: The gold standard

When the Winnipeg, Man., manufacturing facility of the Royal Canadian Mint expanded into a full-time, state-of-the-art research and development centre to improve the its advanced plating technologies, the training facility left something to be desired. The 4,000 square foot training facility in the Hieu C. Truong Centre of Excellence allows the operations to deliver consulting, […]

Caution: dust hazard

Dust on the jobsite is a fact of life — and death — it’s all a matter of exposure. But not all dust is created equal, according to Lee Senter, acting president of the Canadian Flooring, Cleaning and Restoration Association (CFCRA). “Larger particles can be a nuisance, such as the dust from cutting drywall,” he says. […]

Then-And-Now: Flat turns functional

To someone in a wheelchair, the little things can loom large in a living space. Cupboards, countertops, sinks and electrical outlets can be perpetually out of reach. For someone on a fixed, low income, the cost of affording to renovate or buy living quarters that meets their needs is definitely a challenge. As Toronto Community […]

Leading the way

When a prospective customer enters a retail store or showroom, or engages an interior designer, the presumption is she is likely ready to buy. But how should this customer be approached to start that conversation about their design needs? For Susan Rea, interior designer at Winnipeg, Man.-based Susanrea Interior Design, “typically when I first sit […]

Leverage LFT

AT THE CERSAIE 2016 TRADE SHOW recently held in Bologna, Italy, the Tile of Spain branch of the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturer’s Association identified large format tiles as one of the top 10 trends at the show. The organization observes that ceramic tile sales are continuing to grow year after year and in parallel, bring […]

Then-And-Now: Hi-tech meets Old Montreal

Located in the old Royal Bank space on St-Jacques street in Old Montreal, the Crew offices is a project defined by a 12,000 square foot office area for a tech start-up which would also include a café for freelance workers as well as for the public. The project presented different design challenges originating from the […]

Then-and-Now: Vancouver Olympics lives on

When an athlete’s village is constructed for an Olympics such as the summer version this year in Rio, materials and finishes can leave a lot to be desired. What is often desirable, however, are the locations. Often by the water or offering downtown city views, people that move into these condominium units will overlook any […]