I see in last week’s news that our Prime Minister spouted off in MarieClaire about “toxic masculinity.” Isn’t that just like a politician, to speak as an expert on something about which he knows nothing? This current trend of hooking two such words as toxic and masculine together and then acting as if they mean […]

E-letter: Disasters fake and real

The National Post, Financial Post, last Friday on page FP4 buried a headline at the bottom of the page: “Housing bubble not as vulnerable as thought.” In addition to being cold-oatmeal writing, as a bubble is already a vulnerability in a market, the headline is just plain cowardly. It is the National Post over the […]

Let’s drive business

THE NEWS AT PRESSTIME is largely about negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement, and I see Canada has listed Gender Equality as our third objective. This is asinine. Do we really think we can convince Mexico to forget about trade and focus instead on social agendas? My sources say not. That is to […]

E-letter: Simple rule to prevent backfire

I grouse quite a bit about mass marketing. It deserves it. All it has accomplished so far, besides making a few people rich, is to focus society on its lowest common denominator. H.L. Mencken noted this phenomenon back in 1926: “No one in this world, so far as I know — and I have searched […]

E-letter: Summer stories

It is summer in Canada, and life certainly could be worse. The economy is chugging along at a nice clip and the bellwether indicator for our sector, the number of building permits issued, is up nine percent in May. I understand our national media can find a cloud for every silver lining, but sometimes things […]

Standing by with a bouquet for our sector

EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE, each of us gets thrown a curve ball. This month, mine came in the form of a column from Lee Senter with CFCRA, which you can read in its entirety here. The last paragraph deals with a lunch he and I shared, and the story left Lee Ann chuckling and […]

E-letter: Opening pitch

There is a lot to like as we enter the summer of 2017. Granted, my associates in the consumer press will find something negative to say, even if the day’s news is the Second Coming. But for us, all the indicators point up. Saturday’s National Post buried one of the most positive stories on page […]

Money to burn

EARLIER LAST MONTH I did a quick, 4,000 km road trip in the U.S. Or should I say 2,500 miles? It seems we’re always staring across the border and making comparisons. And that will likely heat up, since, as of press time, President Trump as cast down the gauntlet of price and production controls on milk. […]

E-letter: Clouds from both sides now

Watching politics these days is like watching a cloud of mosquitoes. If you focus on any individual, it can go in any direction, but if you back off and refocus, you can see it’s all one cloud and it moves as one. And you can’t get away from it. Sunday, France elected a man married […]

E-letter: Generations

This is Holy Week across Christendom. It is fascinating in a way how a ages-old tradition such as Christianity can be promoted with ideological zealotry, persecuted with fanatic fervor and dismissed as a quaint folkway, all at the same time. I am not about to start preaching, but factual things fascinate me. Take The Bible, […]