Illegally blond

Management training for the next generation ACCORDING TO A NEW STUDY in the Harvard Business Review, half of millennials and 75 percent of Gen Z-ers have quit their jobs for mental health “reasons.” Cute, eh? I used to know somebody that would take off every legal sick day as a “mental health day.” My dad […]

E-letter: Trick or treat

It’s a big month, so we will skip around a bit. The preliminary results are in on our annual November Readers’ Survey, and I want to thank those of you that have answered, so far. As noted, earlier, this is an important tool for us to create valuable editorial. We do not sell your information […]

E-letter: Confidential? You bet.

Do you know anybody that would like to become an editor? Coverings is looking for a four-month intern. Details follow this month’s commentary.   In March of 2018, U.S. President Trump voiced concerns to PM Trudeau that China might use its Canadian connections to transship steel and avoid U.S. tariffs. That’s interesting, if you think about it. For one thing, the […]

Where are the heroes?

Leadership and discipline inspire new talent I HAD A GREAT CALL last week from Gary Stark, an old-timer in the industry and a long-time design teacher in multiple schools. Thanks, Gary, for the lovely compliments to Coverings and the team. As the conversation wandered, Stark said something really interesting. He said our design colleges have […]

E-letter: Loose lips

My first in-town job was at a service station, where I did tire repair, oil changes and lubes, and was the gas jockey. The mechanic, Bernie, was an aging WWII veteran that kept to himself and shut himself in his camper from noon to 1:00. He refused to talk about anything but sports, weather and the news. He […]

Masked gangs

Last week we had the misfortune to see a gang of thugs beat up a little queer in Portland, Ore. The victim, Andy Ngo, is a conservative journalist; the thugs, Antifa are ostensibly anti-fascist.  But they aren’t anti-fascist, after all, are they? If they were, they would say so. Instead, they are Auntie Fuh.  They are also cowards. There […]

Outside the big-box

Read it here: Quality, style, selection… WHAT A GREAT YEAR. Do things need fixing? Of course, and they always will. However, look at the May building-permit report. It’s up nearly 15 percent. Did you imagine a number like that back in 2009? Other numbers are up, as well, including the TSE and the Dow, and […]

E-letter: Fathers’ Day

Everyone likes Mothers’ Day. It is a reminder that spring is here, and there are flowers, candy and dinners out. Moms are lauded in churches and media. Ads are directed at moms and people that should recognize moms. In a way, Mothers’ Day is a sectarian high holy day, and devil take the apostates.  Fathers’ Day, […]

E-letter: Deflated expectations

The Wall Street Journal last month warned of an upcoming collapse in the big-media markets based on the lopsided cost and value of sports news. I share the WSJ’s view of the future of big media, sort of. For one thing, it may be eclipsed by bigger media as monopolistic interests smother legacy media and […]

On being Canadian

Reflections spanning the border VIRTUALLY EVERY CONVERSATION between newly acquainted Canadians and Americans begins with health care. Which system is better? Twenty-five years ago, the call seemed to go to the U.S., based on expenditures, wait times, spectrum of services covered, etc. Now, no so much. Currently, both Canada and the U.S. are growing their […]