Tips for beautiful custom resilient floors

With more products in the commercial resilient category than ever, custom design work is continuing to be used on a variety of projects. At first glance, they can be intimidating projects, especially those that have borders, medallions, or other custom inlay work. With careful planning, these jobs can be beautiful and profitable for the installer. […]

Recycled buildings

Buildings that were once factories, mills, breweries or warehouses are increasingly being converted to occupied space. Sometimes a company expands office space into the warehouse or an old factory is converted into retail, offices or apartments. This is a way of recycling old buildings and the practice is widely known as “adaptive re-use.” Often existing wood or concrete floors that had never […]

Sealing carpet seams

We’ve all seen it, those of us in the business who are always looking down, but also members of the regular public who can’t help but notice. What I’m talking about are unraveling seams in carpet, or just visible seams that draw your eye. When I started in the business in the early 1970s, I […]

More about installing by-the-book: Standards Q & A

My last column about the importance of industry standards raised a number of questions, and I hope it answered some questions as well. I just started my 40th year in floor covering, and the industry has done a good job establishing a large number of written guidelines that cover the variety of flooring materials and […]

Why standards matter

Ignoring “the book” brings high liability I have been involved in many a complaint on floor coverings when a particular industry standard was cited as not having been followed. This placed responsibility for whatever went wrong in any number of places, from the architect that didn’t write the standard into the specifications, to the general […]

Health care challenges

Plenty of opportunity if you mind the details FEW SEGMENTS OF THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY are as hot as health care right now. I’ve been involved in a lot of resilient floor projects in health care from the specification, installation and inspection side, and have seen failure and success. Depending on the use and the budget, […]

Lippage and assumptions

I recently had to inspect an installation of porcelain floor plank. The complaint was “chipping.” Because it was a porcelain product, I was surprised because these products have the reputation for durability and I’d not heard of a case of this type of wear before. The project was a wood-look plank in a “café” area […]

Stuff matters

I recently looked at a problem floor that turned out to be related to how the installer timed the adhesive. In this case, it was solid vinyl tile (sometimes called luxury vinyl) in a wood-look plank. It was was installed glued down over a concrete slab. The installer did a nice job, having prepared the […]

Q&A 2016: Answers to installation queries

I haven’t done a Q&A column here in Coverings in over a year, and a few things came up on projects this month that I felt were worth sharing. Have questions? Please send them here to Coverings,, and we will dig into the subject on a future column. In the meantime, here are some […]

Vinyl tile confusion

In today’s world of vinyl tile, it’s easy to get confused. As the vinyl tile category continues to grow, I see confusion among installers about installation methods, adhesives and floor prep. Some of it is just the nature of so many different terms being tossed around these days; VCT, VET, HVT, Solid Vinyl, Quartz tile, […]