Canadian copies

Less flattery, more innovation needed I hate being embarrassed. Most of us do. Our dislike of that self-conscious sting is part of what keeps us behaving in a socially acceptable way, and that’s a good thing. But we tend to remember when we get caught out. Years ago, I was touring a group of students […]

Mindful museums

Where manual and fine art meet By Paul Epp I go to a lot of museums. I see it as professional development. I’m kind of in that business myself. I design things and I try to do a good job. Museums collect and display things that are done well and this sometimes includes my work, which is, of course, […]

Museum marvels

I’ve been visiting a lot of museums this summer. It’s been one of my intentions, as I drive across and around this country, and I’m lucky to have the opportunity to do this. Many of the small town museums are quite similar. They display the tools of an earlier technology and the everyday objects of […]

Few purple personalities in the design world

Gender equity is much in the news again. This issue seems to take the form of a wave, appearing in force periodically and then subsiding. But it doesn’t go away. Women want to be treated equally and they ought to be. But they are not always, so the struggle persists. There are gender overtones in […]

Want to be paid by the hour or the job?

I used to divide people into two types, when I was thinking about how they work. One type works according to elapsed time. That type gets paid (or expects to) according to the amount of time that they spend on the job. It’s a bit like a metered taxi. As long as the meter is […]

Building steps

The line between rules and freedom I’VE BEEN LOOKING AT THE WOODWORK on this little island in the Andaman Sea, tucked in between coastal Thailand and Burma. Its rudimentary, to be sure, but not without interest. Most of the use of wood is architectural and the buildings are small. They are fairly minimal, and that […]

Back door of a gratifying career

When I first arrived in Toronto, newly removed from the Peace River country of northern Alberta, I lived, by chance, very close to the Art Gallery of Ontario. This was very lucky for me and it became one of my favourite places in the city. The context was that before I came to Toronto, I […]

Courses and horses

As I near the time to hang up my teaching hat, I’ve become reflective. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into being a teacher, and I’m left feeling that I’ve finally learned a few things about it. It has taken a while, and, like most learning, it didn’t come without its costs. Maybe […]

Harvest time: Cultivate design ideas like crops

Fall is a magical time of the year. The light is golden. The farmers’ fields are golden. The leaves change colours, to warmer and richer and even golden hues. There is something going on within us that cause us to adjust our rhythms and outlook. We might slow down a bit and probably become a […]

Designing AND making

Design is a word that is in popular and common use now. It is broadly understood to be a means to brand and product differentiation, as well as a tool for personal expression. The business press writes about design thinking within the context of the need for innovation, which is considered a very important challenge […]