More about installing by-the-book: Standards Q & A

My last column about the importance of industry standards raised a number of questions, and I hope it answered some questions as well. I just started my 40th year in floor covering, and the industry has done a good job establishing a large number of written guidelines that cover the variety of flooring materials and […]

3 Legal Updates: Business income tax, asset sales and auditing policy

ELIMINATING SOME INCOME TAX ADVANTAGES On July 18, 2017, the Federal Department of Finance announced proposed changes to the Income Tax Act (the ITA) in Canada that are intended to “level the playing field” by removing certain tax advantages that for decades have been part of tax planning for many family-owned businesses operating through private […]

Few purple personalities in the design world

Gender equity is much in the news again. This issue seems to take the form of a wave, appearing in force periodically and then subsiding. But it doesn’t go away. Women want to be treated equally and they ought to be. But they are not always, so the struggle persists. There are gender overtones in […]

Hudson Bay building revival

Then-And-Now Putting a venerable institution into another’s historic location is a design challenge that requires both creativity and the ability to meet municipal by-laws protecting the look of an old neighbourhood. ATB Financial, founded in 1938 as Alberta Treasury Branches, tasked the architecture firm Lemay + Toker with relocating its 9th Avenue branch in Calgary, […]

1905 Toronto Beach house revival

Taking a traditional home that had fallen into disrepair, Toronto, Ont.-based development company baukultur/ca has completed the transformation of a 110-year-old house into a contemporary, highly sustainable home. And, even though strictly modern, its exterior complements the traditional Beaches neighbourhood in this lakefront area of Toronto. Felix Leicher, architect and owner of baukultur/ca, relocated to […]

Stomping out a work place requirement

Mr. Mason has just opened a new restaurant that he hopes will compete with such large restaurant chains as The Keg, Joey’s and Earl’s. When you attend the restaurant you notice that your server, Katherine, is knowledgeable, polite and gracefully glides between tables and patrons to accurately serve your order all while wearing very high […]

Want to be paid by the hour or the job?

I used to divide people into two types, when I was thinking about how they work. One type works according to elapsed time. That type gets paid (or expects to) according to the amount of time that they spend on the job. It’s a bit like a metered taxi. As long as the meter is […]

Why standards matter

Ignoring “the book” brings high liability I have been involved in many a complaint on floor coverings when a particular industry standard was cited as not having been followed. This placed responsibility for whatever went wrong in any number of places, from the architect that didn’t write the standard into the specifications, to the general […]

Fashion boutique makeover

Social media drives interior design choices There has been over five years since Le Manoir, a Montreal, Que., boutique offering beauty services, nail expertise and exclusive fashion, first opened its doors to customers. In an effort to maintain a youthful brand image and expand the retail aspect of the business, Le Manoir owner Émilie Sanscartier […]

Building steps

The line between rules and freedom I’VE BEEN LOOKING AT THE WOODWORK on this little island in the Andaman Sea, tucked in between coastal Thailand and Burma. Its rudimentary, to be sure, but not without interest. Most of the use of wood is architectural and the buildings are small. They are fairly minimal, and that […]