Formaldehyde free hardwood flooring

Life-Core has introduced ai.r hardwoods, flooring said to be dedicated to a greener, cleaner lifestyle and better air quality for the home. ZeroAdd technology that ensures no formaldehyde is added during the production process. In addition, the company’s low VOC, UV-hardened finish is said to make the brand one of the lowest in VOC emissions, beating and exceeding rigorous standards, and 70 percent better than CARB 2. The hardwoods have 9 collections, […]

Hardwood planks provide character marks and chased effects

Maple hardwood flooring in 5-¼ in. sizes with a matte finish has been announced by PG Hardwood Flooring. The Athena collection is a mixture of brown, beige and grey with bright to dark shades. The product has its own grade, the Mystique, which is characterized by its character marks and chased effects but is more neutral than more rustic grades.   

Fibreglass luxury vinyl sheet line-up mimics concrete looks

Patina fibreglass luxury vinyl sheet from Mannington is said to offer the authentic look of naturally-aged concrete in easy-care LVS style. The durable design features a 12 x 24 in. rectangular pattern embedded with lots of organic imperfections and enhanced by subtle fading and staining that only occurs over time, the company says. The LVS is available in three hues: Ash, Carbon and Rust. […]

Engineered tile planks offered in extended lengths

Armstrong Flooring has expanded its Alterna engineered tile with longer lengths and enhanced durability to offer an alternative to ceramic and porcelain with the added scratch resistance of Diamond 10 Technology. The Alterna plank collection offers a wide array of wood visuals in a new 6 x 36 in. groutable plank. The portfolio replicates the detail, texture and variation found in both wood and natural stone. The innovative, stone-based engineered […]

Left and right of Senter

THE IDEA OF FRANCHISING is not new. Back in the ’50s, high school girls on roller skates were the hallmark of then-new franchisor A&W Root Beer, which had already been in franchise since 1926. Alongside A&W in the ’50s was the then-fledgling Holiday Inn, inspired by the 1942 musical of the that name. If you […]

Cooperation equals effectiveness

Industry associations need to work together The CFCRA recently held the first International Certified Flooring Installer Association (CFI) classes in Canada in April. We held three classes: Carpet Installation, Resilient Installation and Hardwood and Laminate Installation. We certified 40 registrants and the feedback received for the classes was generally very good. These classes would not […]

Construction liens

A remedy tough as nails Construction liens offer security to anyone providing labour and materials that enhance the value of land and property. Practically speaking, registering a lien on title to a property will prevent the owner of the property from mortgaging, selling, or otherwise dealing with the property until the lien is dealt with. […]

Adhesive Q&A

Having been in floor covering for 40 years now, I’ve asked my share of questions about adhesives and in the last 26 years on the wholesale side, have also been asked a lot of those questions. Here are a few common ones. Q: Is there anything better than standard urethane adhesive for wood floors? A: […]

Nordic 2018

Top of the world design fellowship In early March of 2018, I flew to Oslo to deliver a paper at a symposium at the Metropolitan University there. The planning had taken a year and a half, which overlapped with my teaching at OCAD University and consequently became the last of my commitments to it, contracted […]

Extra credit

Continuing education keeps design pros sharp THE WORLD OF INTERIOR DESIGN stretches far beyond the aesthetics of a well-appointed room. There is so much for the architect and design (A&D) community to stay on top of, from new flooring and lighting technologies to safety and other regulatory issues. A&D professionals have an added incentive to the […]