E-letter: Loonies and sense

Generally speaking, we aren’t supposed to share our “wild oats” stories. However, if that is followed as a hard-and-fast rule, there is a chance that somebody that could have benefited by the stories, facts or lessons will not. So here we go…. The late ՚60s were not a “groovy” time of peace and love, as sometimes portrayed. They were more divisive even than today, with the whole left-wing milieu dissolving into dust with the killing of four students at Kent State by the U.S. National … [Read More...]

Hybrid floor box system for concrete flooring

Leviton has announced a concrete floor box system to accommodate devices that deliver connections to power, AV and data in commercial spaces. The hybrid system can be used within finished floors made of wood, tile, vinyl, terrazzo, carpet and concrete. The system includes: box system with 6.25 in. diameter PVC box and accessories; leveling ring for unique environment adjustments; and, forged brass cover plates available in a variety of configurations with clear coat or … [Read More...]


Two knees support installer careers

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), such as chronic back pain or shoulder problems, often take time to develop. Forceful exertion, awkward positions, hand-arm and whole-body vibration, contact stress, and repetitive tasks can add up over time to produce an MSD. This statement comes courtesy of Ontario’s Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) pamphlet on musculoskeletal hazards and … Read More...

True North strong and REGIONAL

CANADA'S DESIGN PALETTE During the 1800s the captains of fishing vessels sailing out of Lunenburg, N.S., painted their homes the same bright colours as their boats. It was both a practical means of using surplus paint, and the unique colour scheme allowed boats to be rapidly identified as they sailed into harbour. — Rourgh Guides LIKE THE HOMES DOTTING THE HARBOUR in Lunenburg, N.S., Canada’s … Read More...


Hybrid floor box system for concrete flooring

Leviton has announced a concrete floor box system to accommodate devices that deliver connections to … Read More

Peel-and-stick membrane floor heating system introduced

Warmup has announced the peel-and-stick version of its DCM-PRO Membrane floor heating system. The … Read More

Ruby gemstone-look featured in quartz slabs

Ruby Carnelian, found within the Gemstone collection from Antolini, is a gemstone from the … Read More

Rusted visuals provide inspiration for modular carpet tile collection

The Artefact carpet tile collection from Patcraft features products inspired by an oxidation … Read More


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Evolution of safety floors

Although it’s not an “official” category of its own, for over 30 years, there has been a resilient flooring product commonly called “Safety Flooring.” This material was developed in Europe as a resilient flooring option for wet slip resistance that is an alternative to quarry tile or poured epoxy. By incorporating an abrasive aggregate such as carborundum into a sheet vinyl floor, the material … Read More...

Installation management

Important details for commercial projects About 40 years ago, I started working full-time in this industry and since then I have worked in retail sales, technical support and commercial sales, having worked with most types of floor covering along the way. One thing that has not changed since 1978 is the common opinion that our industry has a shortage of talented installers. Being outspoken about … Read More...

Concrete Q and A: The questions never stop!

Just as I was contemplating the topic of this month’s column, three situations came my way that not only gave me inspiration for the topic but also reinforced that there is still a lack of understanding of concrete floor slabs and how they interact with floor coverings, even by people with tremendous knowledge of building design and construction. It’s no wonder that over $1 billion in claims are … Read More...

Adhesive Q&A

Having been in floor covering for 40 years now, I’ve asked my share of questions about adhesives and in the last 26 years on the wholesale side, have also been asked a lot of those questions. Here are a few common ones. Q: Is there anything better than standard urethane adhesive for wood floors? A: I recently attended a seminar on wood floor adhesive and was interested to learn about some new … Read More...