Stain-treated carpet is 100 percent nylon

Shaw Floors has introduced stain-treated carpet that is 100 percent nylon. The Caress collection features a loop style and a Softbac Platinum backing. Roll widths are 12 ft and have a face weight of 39 oz/yd². Caress by Shaw fibres are said to have the latest in advanced extrusion technology that make the carpets’ softness possible. Because the fibres are so soft and plush, the total surface density is much higher, the company says. This density translates to a more complete seal for … [Read More...]

Powers of attorney: Property and person

Although most individuals understand the importance of having a will, the importance of having a Power of Attorney for Property and a Power of Attorney for Personal Care is often overlooked. A Power of Attorney is a legal document that gives another individual the right to act on one’s behalf during the grantor’s lifetime. There are two types of Power of Attorney: Continuing Power of Attorney for Property: applies to one’s financial affairs and allows the person named as the attorney for … [Read More...]

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Then-and-Now: Vancouver Olympics lives on

When an athlete’s village is constructed for an Olympics such as the summer version this year in Rio, materials and finishes can leave a lot to be desired. What is often desirable, however, are the locations. Often by the water or offering downtown city views, people that move into these condominium units will overlook any shortcomings to be where the action is. Such is the case for the … Read More...

May we help you?

Where does customer service begin? Where does it end? Every flooring retailer has to ask those questions, and be prepared to answer them on a daily basis. A century ago, the telephone would ring or someone would walk into a store to inquire “can you help me?” Those two initial points of contact, the start of the customer service experience, have expanded greatly in the age of the internet, … Read More...


Stain-treated carpet is 100 percent nylon

Shaw Floors has introduced stain-treated carpet that is 100 percent nylon. The Caress collection … Read More

Versatile tile underlayment uncoupling membranes

Prova-Flex Heat from Loxcreen Flooring Group is a membrane that provides versatility in the tile … Read More

Large format tile uncoupling membrane system

Flexbone UI 720 from Ardex is an uncoupling membrane suitable for large format tile in high traffic … Read More

Cotto tiles feature a soft matte finish

The Basole collection from Interceramic is said to feature the character of handcrafted cotto tiles … Read More


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Vinyl tile confusion

In today’s world of vinyl tile, it’s easy to get confused. As the vinyl tile category continues to grow, I see confusion among installers about installation methods, adhesives and floor prep. Some of it is just the nature of so many different terms being tossed around these days; VCT, VET, HVT, Solid Vinyl, Quartz tile, “Luxury” Vinyl, “Click” Vinyl, WPC, “PVC Free”.... It’s no wonder we can’t … Read More...

New standard, old installation methods: cork tile

I’ve been involved with cork flooring for the past 15 years, some of that time as a technical support consultant for two cork companies, and some of that time in commercial sales, which I’ve been doing since 2007. Cork flooring comes as traditional cork tile that is glued down, and as engineered planks that are installed the same way as laminate or engineered wood floating floors. However, … Read More...

Be aware of concrete moisture

One of the most common problems in the floor covering industry continues to be floor failures related to excess moisture and high alkalinity at the surface of the concrete. By Christopher Capobianco All floor coverings are affected, including carpet, resilient, wood, laminates, coatings, stone, and tile. The symptoms include gaps between tiles, adhesive oozing, carpet buckling, tile … Read More...

Floating floors: Easy, but not foolproof

By Christopher Capobianco   Last month, I was moderator for a panel of experts invited to speak at the TISE (Surfaces) trade show in Las Vegas. The topic was floating floors: specifically the “click” category as opposed to other loose-lay resilient floors. I found myself learning a lot from my fellow presenters, and since it’s been a while since my 2007 Coverings column on the subject, … Read More...