E-letter: We can work this out

The National Post yesterday featured Michael McCain, the c.e.o. of Maple Leaf Foods, calling out U.S. President Trump as “the narcissist in Washington,” while blaming him for the Iranians’ shooting down of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752. From a journalist’s perspective, this is problematic. First and foremost, our culture has become enamoured of death and sorrow. When I went to school, the protocol was that you didn’t photograph people in their dying moments, and you didn’t stuff a … [Read More...]

Profiles for resilient flooring in brushed finishes

Schluter-Systems has announced a line of profiles made specifically for resilient flooring applications. Schluter-Vinpro profiles provide finishing, transition and edge protection for resilient floors, stairs and wall coverings. The durable metal profiles are also said to provide unobtrusive installations with a sleek, minimalist reveal that blends in with any décor. The products can be used in new and retrofit situations, so they are suitable to upgrade the look and performance of an … [Read More...]



HAVE THE BEST INTERESTS OF REAL PEOPLE BEEN HIJACKED? WELL, IT FINALLY HAPPENED. Not to me, but my son-in-law’s brother, who has been an expert stone- and solid-surface tile and countertop installer for nearly 20 years. The stone saw slipped, he grabbed and came up with the hurty bits. It happens. Typically in these situations there is an investigation to discover what happened, and those … Read More...

Technology under pressure

So is technology a boomer or a bust? Homeowners are lining up at the big-box stores to take advantage of the latest flooring sales. In a few weeks, some percentage of those once-enthusiastic redecorators will be lining up again — this time to abashedly ask a professional to help them recover. THE WORD “AMATEUR” may be the key. How far back do you go? Ground-breaking U.S architect Frank Lloyd … Read More...


Profiles for resilient flooring in brushed finishes

Schluter-Systems has announced a line of profiles made specifically for resilient flooring … Read More

Water-based, acrylic, textured coating for concrete

Elastocolor Texture from Mapei is a coating for use on exterior, above-grade, new and previously … Read More

Carpet cutting machine offers accuracy and efficiency

Designed to accommodate the largest rolls of carpet and heaviest rolls of vinyl, the X-77 carpet … Read More

Cyclonic dust extractor with HEPA filtration

The iQ426HEPA cyclonic dust extraction vacuum has been announced by iQ Power Tools. The unit has … Read More


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Revisiting a popular format: Installation Q&A

It has been over a year since I did a Q and A column, and the questions keep coming. So, here are some recent ones that I’ve been asked, or are based on situations that I have run into. Q: What problems do you see most often in “click” floating floors? A: This category continues to grow as more products with synthetic cores (WPC, HPC, rigid core, etc.) are entering the market and traditional … Read More...

Installation communication

Setting realistic expectations can help installation teams For all of my 41 years in this industry, there has been deep concern for the shortage of qualified installers, and the situation is more serious now than ever. Retailers are frustrated by slipshod installation jobs, or we have customers feeling the floor covering they purchased is not what was promised. One of the problems is false … Read More...

Waterproof floors

Don’t oversell and don’t under-test I was planning a writing evening after work and thinking about my column that would address some issues related to concrete moisture concerns in floor coverings. Coincidentally, I started my day on a conference call with several people from my company. As we were reviewing a variety of flooring products in our line, one of my more experienced colleagues had … Read More...

Failures as a teachable moment

Another 1,000 words First, I want to thank the readers that reached out to me about my last column “Worth 1,000 words.” I asked about how you liked the format and the reaction was very positive. Here are a couple of examples of problems I saw recently that are nothing new, but installers still made an old mistake; the two situations I encountered recently were preventable problems related to … Read More...