Luxury vinyl flooring addresses commercial interiors

Natural Creations from Armstrong Flooring was designed to address commercial interior performance needs and design trends. The collection is available in an array of modular shapes, sizes and patterns. Three collections, ArborArt, EarthCuts and Mystix, are inspired by the natural beauty of wood, as well as the colors and organic variations of stone and the distinctive woven-like appearance of textiles, the company says. The collection features patent-pending Diamond 10 Technology that … [Read More...]

E-letter: The media the enemy — is Trump right?

It’s going to be a busy month behind the scenes for our sector, starting on September 19 or 20 in Southern Ontario, when The National Floor Covering Association (NFCA) will host a flooring education on Moisture Testing, Floor Flatness and National Standards. The first seminar will be Wednesday the 19th in Cambridge; the second will be in London, both from 11:00 a.m. – 3:30. For more information, you can contact NFCA or register online at Next up, on October 15 – 19, the NFCA … [Read More...]


Trade show travel

Take a shopping trip on your customers’ behalf ALMOST EVERY FLOORING RETAILER has product that was sourced as a result of a visit to a floor covering trade show — or trade fair as they say in Europe. But do these events still call out to your showroom, like Sirens to Odysseus, sweetly singing about products that will make your business more profitable? After all, the internet, the email inbox, … Read More...

Social media’s epic fail

THAT’S THE UNDERBELLY of today’s social media landscape, whether you’re in Canada or Pago Pago. The deception found by The New York Times in its analysis of fake views on YouTube is staggering. The newspaper identifies Martin Vassilev of Ottawa, Ont., as earning more than $200,000 per year and has sold close to 15 million views on the video platform so far in 2018. His website,, … Read More...


Luxury vinyl flooring addresses commercial interiors

Natural Creations from Armstrong Flooring was designed to address commercial interior performance … Read More

Thick mortar tackles commercial and industrial installations

Thick Bed Bedding Mortar from Custom Building Products is suitable for ceramic and natural stone … Read More

Antiqued ceramic marble for contemporary architecture

The fineness of antiqued marble, noble and precious, reinterpreted according to the needs of … Read More

Epoxy setting floor and wall mortar

Kerapoxy 410 from Mapei bonds to urethane/epoxy mesh backings, exterior walls and other … Read More


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Concrete Q and A: The questions never stop!

Just as I was contemplating the topic of this month’s column, three situations came my way that not only gave me inspiration for the topic but also reinforced that there is still a lack of understanding of concrete floor slabs and how they interact with floor coverings, even by people with tremendous knowledge of building design and construction. It’s no wonder that over $1 billion in claims are … Read More...

Adhesive Q&A

Having been in floor covering for 40 years now, I’ve asked my share of questions about adhesives and in the last 26 years on the wholesale side, have also been asked a lot of those questions. Here are a few common ones. Q: Is there anything better than standard urethane adhesive for wood floors? A: I recently attended a seminar on wood floor adhesive and was interested to learn about some new … Read More...

Improved techniques make concrete testing easier

It wasn’t until the 15th of my 40 years in the industry that I had to seriously deal with the question of concrete moisture testing prior to floor covering installation. I had spent my career on the residential side of the business, and it was not an issue that came up very often. When it did, we taped a sheet of plastic to the concrete overnight to test. When I made the switch to the … Read More...

Tips for beautiful custom resilient floors

With more products in the commercial resilient category than ever, custom design work is continuing to be used on a variety of projects. At first glance, they can be intimidating projects, especially those that have borders, medallions, or other custom inlay work. With careful planning, these jobs can be beautiful and profitable for the installer. The first thing to consider is an … Read More...