Country mouse

Justin Trudeau got caught last week with other world leaders mocking U.S. President Trump at the NATO conference. This has already been commented on, so far with no support for Justin, as far as I have seen, so I won’t bother. I will say, what did they expect? This is totally in character and nobody should be surprised. The rest of the story, of course, is to be seen. We can claim that Trump is an idiot and will forget about it tomorrow, but we should also consider that Trump won’t forget … [Read More...]

Broadloom features abstract transitional patterns

The Twilight collection of broadlooms from Nourison features abstract transitional patterns woven in New Zealand wool with Luxcelle highlights. The collection is offered as broadloom or in custom rug sizes. The soft look of the Axminster-woven products brings together lush textures and an array of linear patterns in richly shaded natural tones that are said to create a quiet impact. … [Read More...]


Technology under pressure

So is technology a boomer or a bust? Homeowners are lining up at the big-box stores to take advantage of the latest flooring sales. In a few weeks, some percentage of those once-enthusiastic redecorators will be lining up again — this time to abashedly ask a professional to help them recover. THE WORD “AMATEUR” may be the key. How far back do you go? Ground-breaking U.S architect Frank Lloyd … Read More...

Training train never stops

Installers need constant education to do jobs right THE FIVE Ws HAVE NEVER SEEMED MORE URGENT when it comes to being trained on floor coverings. Why do we train? Who gets training? When do we train? Where do we train? What products should we train on? There is so much to learn, but luckily there are still experts out there to teach you how to get the job done right, no matter what surfaces … Read More...


Broadloom features abstract transitional patterns

The Twilight collection of broadlooms from Nourison features abstract transitional patterns woven in … Read More

Rollable acrylic adhesive for luxury vinyl tiles

Roll and Go from Schönox is a rollable acrylic adhesive for luxury vinyl tiles. Bonding on … Read More

Self-bonding anti-fracture membrane

The self-adhering Elastomeric Crack Bridging (ECB) anti-fracture membrane from NAC Products is a … Read More

Pre-mixed, rapid-drying, multipurpose primer

Ardex P 4 primer from Ardex Americas is a pre-mixed, single-component, rapid-drying, multi-purpose … Read More


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Revisiting a popular format: Installation Q&A

It has been over a year since I did a Q and A column, and the questions keep coming. So, here are some recent ones that I’ve been asked, or are based on situations that I have run into. Q: What problems do you see most often in “click” floating floors? A: This category continues to grow as more products with synthetic cores (WPC, HPC, rigid core, etc.) are entering the market and traditional … Read More...

Installation communication

Setting realistic expectations can help installation teams For all of my 41 years in this industry, there has been deep concern for the shortage of qualified installers, and the situation is more serious now than ever. Retailers are frustrated by slipshod installation jobs, or we have customers feeling the floor covering they purchased is not what was promised. One of the problems is false … Read More...

Waterproof floors

Don’t oversell and don’t under-test I was planning a writing evening after work and thinking about my column that would address some issues related to concrete moisture concerns in floor coverings. Coincidentally, I started my day on a conference call with several people from my company. As we were reviewing a variety of flooring products in our line, one of my more experienced colleagues had … Read More...

Failures as a teachable moment

Another 1,000 words First, I want to thank the readers that reached out to me about my last column “Worth 1,000 words.” I asked about how you liked the format and the reaction was very positive. Here are a couple of examples of problems I saw recently that are nothing new, but installers still made an old mistake; the two situations I encountered recently were preventable problems related to … Read More...