E-letter: A valentine to free speech

The New York Daily News last week reported that a Wisconsin high school teacher has been placed on leave for tweeting he hopes conservative icon and talk radio host Rush Limbaugh suffers greatly and dies from cancer. According to the News, Milwaukee High School of the Arts English teacher Travis Sarandos wrote upon hearing of Limbaugh’s stage-four lung cancer diagnosis, “Limbaugh absolutely should have to suffer from cancer. It’s awesome that he’s dying, and hopefully it is as quick as it is … [Read More...]

Resilient tile collection mimics jacquard weaving

Patcraft has launched the Handloom resilient tile collection. Featuring two coordinating styles, Painted Weft and Wooden Warp, the textural collection features colourful accents and neutral colours inspired by textile arts and natural materials to create organic, balanced spaces. Winner of a Best of NeoCon 2019 Gold Award, the collection provides flexibility in pattern with realistic and interesting visuals, including a jacquard look, the company says. Available in 9 x 36 in. tiles, the … [Read More...]



HAVE THE BEST INTERESTS OF REAL PEOPLE BEEN HIJACKED? WELL, IT FINALLY HAPPENED. Not to me, but my son-in-law’s brother, who has been an expert stone- and solid-surface tile and countertop installer for nearly 20 years. The stone saw slipped, he grabbed and came up with the hurty bits. It happens. Typically in these situations there is an investigation to discover what happened, and those … Read More...

Technology under pressure

So is technology a boomer or a bust? Homeowners are lining up at the big-box stores to take advantage of the latest flooring sales. In a few weeks, some percentage of those once-enthusiastic redecorators will be lining up again — this time to abashedly ask a professional to help them recover. THE WORD “AMATEUR” may be the key. How far back do you go? Ground-breaking U.S architect Frank Lloyd … Read More...


Resilient tile collection mimics jacquard weaving

Patcraft has launched the Handloom resilient tile collection. Featuring two coordinating styles, … Read More

Waterproof hardwood flooring

Hydropel, a waterproof, 100 percent hardwood flooring product from Bruce, has been announced by AHF … Read More

Moisture meter kit withstands hard materials

Inserting moisture meter pins into hard material can be a difficult job without bending or breaking … Read More

Engineered and solid wood floor collections

AHF Products has introduced engineered and solid hardwood flooring collections from Bruce — American … Read More


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