Waterproofing membrane for ceramic and natural stone tile

RedGard SpeedCoat is a ready-to-use, waterproofing membrane from Custom Building Products for both commercial and residential ceramic and natural stone tile installations. Suited for interior substrates, the membrane is said to create a continuous waterproofing barrier with outstanding adhesion. It bonds directly to clean metal, PVC, stainless steel and ABS drain assemblies. The product features cross linking moisture cure technology that produces curing times as quick as one hour per … [Read More...]

E-letter: Bedhead entitlement

Sorry to bother everybody with Ontario politics, but there are bigger points that need airing. First, in case you hadn’t heard, after ruling Ontario with carefree abandon, the Ontario Liberals got their heads handed to them on a platter. Keeping only seven seats, they don’t even have official party status. In a matter of hours, one of the winners’ top campaign organizers, speaking, of course, on condition of anonymity, claimed credit for the entire victory, as reported in the National … [Read More...]


Sky House by the lake

Building a cottage home on the Canadian Shield that would comfortably host a family reunion or just a couple on a weekend retreat posed some challenges for architects Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster. The Canadian pair have set up shop in Buffalo, N.Y., but cater to clients on both sides of the 49th parallel. Kempster and Jamrozik designed the Sky House home to be virtually energy … Read More...

Resilient wave

Product categories in the flooring industry are always jockeying for position in the marketplace, but there is no argument that resilient has made a tremendous splash over the last several years. A WATER METAPHOR makes sense, too, as residential and commercial clients have embraced the flooring in applications where wet conditions can do tremendous damage. “The growth started happening in the … Read More...


Waterproofing membrane for ceramic and natural stone tile

RedGard SpeedCoat is a ready-to-use, waterproofing membrane from Custom Building Products for both … Read More

Cloud-based management software tailored to flooring businesses

RollMaster provides a real time, fully integrated flooring business management software said to do … Read More

Software helps design shower areas virtually

Redi Tech Virtual Shower Designer by Tile Redi is a one-page, image-rich design, shopping and … Read More

Adhesive pouch adds convenience without installation mess

Titebond has introduced an adhesive pouch, said to be a light, easy-to-open package that changes the … Read More


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Improved techniques make concrete testing easier

It wasn’t until the 15th of my 40 years in the industry that I had to seriously deal with the question of concrete moisture testing prior to floor covering installation. I had spent my career on the residential side of the business, and it was not an issue that came up very often. When it did, we taped a sheet of plastic to the concrete overnight to test. When I made the switch to the … Read More...

Tips for beautiful custom resilient floors

With more products in the commercial resilient category than ever, custom design work is continuing to be used on a variety of projects. At first glance, they can be intimidating projects, especially those that have borders, medallions, or other custom inlay work. With careful planning, these jobs can be beautiful and profitable for the installer. The first thing to consider is an … Read More...

Recycled buildings

Buildings that were once factories, mills, breweries or warehouses are increasingly being converted to occupied space. Sometimes a company expands office space into the warehouse or an old factory is converted into retail, offices or apartments. This is a way of recycling old buildings and the practice is widely known as “adaptive re-use.” Often existing wood or concrete floors that had never … Read More...

Sealing carpet seams

We’ve all seen it, those of us in the business who are always looking down, but also members of the regular public who can’t help but notice. What I’m talking about are unraveling seams in carpet, or just visible seams that draw your eye. When I started in the business in the early 1970s, I was big for my age, so my father, owner of a carpet store, would send me out on carpet installations … Read More...