E-letter: Splitting in two

There are some interesting observations to be made around the Yellow Sea, all of a sudden. Taking North Korea first, it appears as if Kim Jong Un may actually agree to defuse tensions. Irrespective, I have never understood what he is. Possibly, in addition to using his friends and family for mortar practice and dog food, as we hear, he is an idiot. Here’s why. I did some research and discovered that North Korea’s per capita GDP is estimated to be $1,584 in U.S. dollars per year. South … [Read More...]

Wood laminate flooring is waterproof, resists staining

RevWood Plus from Mohawk combines the look of hardwood and properties of laminate. The planks are said to offer reliable durability that resists stain, scratches and dents and is 100 percent waterproof. Spills, accidents and tracked-in stain-makers are kept on the surface for quick, easy cleanup thanks to Uniclic MultiFit technology, the glueless locking system, the company says. The planks also feature the company’s All Pet Protection & Warranty covering all pets and … [Read More...]


Costs ramp up overnight

Independent businesses face tough hiring decisions NEW EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS legislation in Ontario is making it harder for businesses to meet labour costs. Sources say when Bill 148, the “Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act” came into effect on January 1, it effectively added close to 30 percent to the cost of carrying an employee in the province. According to Julie Kwiecinski, Canadian … Read More...

Multiculti material mix

Design flash adds warmth to dining experience OPERATING IN 35 COUNTRIES, Nando’s is an international restaurant chain that originated in South Africa, known for its Portuguese-style flame grilled chicken and welcoming hospitality. Drawing cues from Mozambican/Portuguese culture, the Oshawa, Ont., location combines earthy textures, rich warm colours and whimsical design elements with a … Read More...


Wood laminate flooring is waterproof, resists staining

RevWood Plus from Mohawk combines the look of hardwood and properties of laminate. The planks are … Read More

Pneumatic fastening tools for flooring installations

The 550A line pneumatic fastening tools from Primatech feature the Primpact module, said to be a … Read More

Reclaimed materials in tile provide sound and shock absorption

Ecosmash has been added to the Ecosurfaces collection from Ecore, a company that transforms … Read More

Rubber tile and plank flooring offers slip resistance

Minerality wood/stone rubber tile and plank flooring from Johnsonite is said to be inspired by the … Read More


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Recycled buildings

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Sealing carpet seams

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