Workspace flooring provides raised access for commercial spaces

Raised access flooring that offers practical benefits in commercial premises has been announced by Havwoods International. The Magna magnetic raised access flooring system can be used for any of the company’s Venture Plank, Henley or Relik collections — totalling about 150 tongue-and-groove, engineered wood floor planks. For commercial refurbishments, the range is said to be 90 percent quicker to install compared to using glue or underlay and can be sanded and maintained just like any … [Read More...]

E-letter: Confidential? You bet.

Do you know anybody that would like to become an editor? Coverings is looking for a four-month intern. Details follow this month’s commentary.   In March of 2018, U.S. President Trump voiced concerns to PM Trudeau that China might use its Canadian connections to transship steel and avoid U.S. tariffs. That’s interesting, if you think about it. For one thing, the U.S. concerns about transshipment did not start or end with Canada. Vietnam, and other countries were also named. But … [Read More...]


Training train never stops

Installers need constant education to do jobs right THE FIVE Ws HAVE NEVER SEEMED MORE URGENT when it comes to being trained on floor coverings. Why do we train? Who gets training? When do we train? Where do we train? What products should we train on? There is so much to learn, but luckily there are still experts out there to teach you how to get the job done right, no matter what surfaces … Read More...

Reality in 2019: Recreational cannabis

HARD TO MEASURE, IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE NOW THAT RECREATIONAL CANNABIS has been legal in Canada since October, employers and safety experts have been taking stock of its effect on personnel at business establishments. Not a problem? Think again. According to Statistics Canada, the number of new cannabis users is increasing. During the first quarter of 2019, 646,000 cannabis users reported … Read More...


Workspace flooring provides raised access for commercial spaces

Raised access flooring that offers practical benefits in commercial premises has been announced by … Read More

Vertical thermostat for underfloor heating systems

The 4iE Portrait thermostat Warmup is designed to fit a common vertical mounting box. An … Read More

Ceramic tile collection in two new formats

Tau has announced the first Capsule Edition of its Fluid collection. The two new formats added to … Read More

Porcelain tile sports wood grain appearance

Lamosa USA has introduced Old Fashioned, a wood-look porcelain tile with a grain that recalls the … Read More


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Installation communication

Setting realistic expectations can help installation teams For all of my 41 years in this industry, there has been deep concern for the shortage of qualified installers, and the situation is more serious now than ever. Retailers are frustrated by slipshod installation jobs, or we have customers feeling the floor covering they purchased is not what was promised. One of the problems is false … Read More...

Waterproof floors

Don’t oversell and don’t under-test I was planning a writing evening after work and thinking about my column that would address some issues related to concrete moisture concerns in floor coverings. Coincidentally, I started my day on a conference call with several people from my company. As we were reviewing a variety of flooring products in our line, one of my more experienced colleagues had … Read More...

Failures as a teachable moment

Another 1,000 words First, I want to thank the readers that reached out to me about my last column “Worth 1,000 words.” I asked about how you liked the format and the reaction was very positive. Here are a couple of examples of problems I saw recently that are nothing new, but installers still made an old mistake; the two situations I encountered recently were preventable problems related to … Read More...

Worth 1,000 words

Teachable moments from others’ mistakes It is said a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are four pictures of situations I’ve encountered and about a thousand words about these situations that can help floor coverers and specifiers avoid similar failures. RESILIENT FLOORING I had a recent site visit to the lobby of an office in New York City to examine “bumps in the floor” in areas where … Read More...