Occupancy-ready pressed rubber floor tile saves installation time

Abpure rubber flooring tiles from American Biltrite with Nfuse technology are said to be ready to use right out of the box. Once installed, the floor does not require any costly and time-consuming set-up to be ready for occupancy, the company says. As with all flooring, regular cleaning is required, but no special maintenance procedures (such as sealing or waxing) are required. If the floor is cleaned regularly, the benefits will continue. While there are sheet rubber products that are … [Read More...]

E-letter: Investing in energy

Last week I received an e-mail from one of our advertisers asking for help. It said, “I need your help. I am reaching out to you to see if you can help me on some stats.” He went on to specify help in the areas of sales volumes, numbers of companies and construction numbers. This is a fairly innocuous question on its face, but it raises huge issues. First of all, we can provide those numbers. As an anecdote, when I was in school, our class was given a test. Each of us had different … [Read More...]


True North strong and REGIONAL

CANADA'S DESIGN PALETTE During the 1800s the captains of fishing vessels sailing out of Lunenburg, N.S., painted their homes the same bright colours as their boats. It was both a practical means of using surplus paint, and the unique colour scheme allowed boats to be rapidly identified as they sailed into harbour. — Rourgh Guides LIKE THE HOMES DOTTING THE HARBOUR in Lunenburg, N.S., Canada’s … Read More...

Trade show travel

Take a shopping trip on your customers’ behalf ALMOST EVERY FLOORING RETAILER has product that was sourced as a result of a visit to a floor covering trade show — or trade fair as they say in Europe. But do these events still call out to your showroom, like Sirens to Odysseus, sweetly singing about products that will make your business more profitable? After all, the internet, the email inbox, … Read More...


Occupancy-ready pressed rubber floor tile saves installation time

Abpure rubber flooring tiles from American Biltrite with Nfuse technology are said to be ready to … Read More

Tongue and groove flooring adhesive works with floating wood floors

DriTac 8100 tongue and groove flooring adhesive from DriTac is wood glue that is formulated for all … Read More

PVC-free flooring tile without plasticizers created for public spaces

Zero Tile brand resilient flooring tile from Upofloor is made of the PVC-free material … Read More

Commercial carpet collection explores range of polka dot patterns

The Täpid carpet collection from Durkan offers an abstract assemblage of polka dots said to generate … Read More


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Installation management

Important details for commercial projects About 40 years ago, I started working full-time in this industry and since then I have worked in retail sales, technical support and commercial sales, having worked with most types of floor covering along the way. One thing that has not changed since 1978 is the common opinion that our industry has a shortage of talented installers. Being outspoken about … Read More...

Concrete Q and A: The questions never stop!

Just as I was contemplating the topic of this month’s column, three situations came my way that not only gave me inspiration for the topic but also reinforced that there is still a lack of understanding of concrete floor slabs and how they interact with floor coverings, even by people with tremendous knowledge of building design and construction. It’s no wonder that over $1 billion in claims are … Read More...

Adhesive Q&A

Having been in floor covering for 40 years now, I’ve asked my share of questions about adhesives and in the last 26 years on the wholesale side, have also been asked a lot of those questions. Here are a few common ones. Q: Is there anything better than standard urethane adhesive for wood floors? A: I recently attended a seminar on wood floor adhesive and was interested to learn about some new … Read More...

Improved techniques make concrete testing easier

It wasn’t until the 15th of my 40 years in the industry that I had to seriously deal with the question of concrete moisture testing prior to floor covering installation. I had spent my career on the residential side of the business, and it was not an issue that came up very often. When it did, we taped a sheet of plastic to the concrete overnight to test. When I made the switch to the … Read More...