Tile alignment spacer also sets grout spacing

Pearl Abrasive has introduced Tuscan SeamClip TruSpace, an all-in-one tool that brings tiles into alignment and sets the grout spacing without the need for additional spacers. Clips hold tiles in place until they are set, then are easily snapped off leaving a level tile surface. Units are colour-coded for set grout sizes of 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 and 3/16 in. The product eliminates steps and speeds installation time, the company says. … [Read More...]

Masked gangs

Last week we had the misfortune to see a gang of thugs beat up a little queer in Portland, Ore. The victim, Andy Ngo, is a conservative journalist; the thugs, Antifa are ostensibly anti-fascist.  But they aren’t anti-fascist, after all, are they? If they were, they would say so. Instead, they are Auntie Fuh.  They are also cowards. There is something about a coward that has, throughout all history and all cultures, caused nausea in moral people. The Auntie Fuh-ers wear masks to hide … [Read More...]


Reality in 2019: Recreational cannabis

HARD TO MEASURE, IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE NOW THAT RECREATIONAL CANNABIS has been legal in Canada since October, employers and safety experts have been taking stock of its effect on personnel at business establishments. Not a problem? Think again. According to Statistics Canada, the number of new cannabis users is increasing. During the first quarter of 2019, 646,000 cannabis users reported … Read More...

Retirement resonates

Serene surfaces inspired by nature LAST FALL, MORE than 350 resident seniors, their families, community members and dignitaries celebrated the official Grand Opening a new retirement community in Ajax, Ont. Westney Gardens was the brainchild of Revera, an owner, operator and investor in the senior-living sector, who invested $50 million to bring the modern, environmentally friendly, 132-suite … Read More...


Tile alignment spacer also sets grout spacing

Pearl Abrasive has introduced Tuscan SeamClip TruSpace, an all-in-one tool that brings tiles into … Read More

Rigid core vinyl planks have an attached underpad

AquaPlus rigid core vinyl planks from Floors@Work are made from a stone plastic composite. The … Read More

Waterjet system offers five-axis cutting

Flow International has announced the Mach 200 series, a flexible waterjet cutting system. The … Read More

Brushed stainless steel shower shelves

Schluter has introduced a line brushed stainless steel shower shelves said to be fast and easy to … Read More


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Failures as a teachable moment

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Evolution of safety floors

Although it’s not an “official” category of its own, for over 30 years, there has been a resilient flooring product commonly called “Safety Flooring.” This material was developed in Europe as a resilient flooring option for wet slip resistance that is an alternative to quarry tile or poured epoxy. By incorporating an abrasive aggregate such as carborundum into a sheet vinyl floor, the material … Read More...